Persian cat fur is unnaturally long unfortunately which makes a lion cut a practical solution

Persian kitten given a lion cut because of poop on the bottom

Giving a Persian cut for health reasons (some do it for the look) is a loving aspect of cat care. But it is bit peculiar that we have Persian cat breeders doing all they can to give their cats long fur following the breed standard for it to be shaved off because it is …

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Can you be fined for allowing your dog or cat to poop in your backyard?

Dog owner fined for allowing their dog to poop regularly in their backyard

The question is: “Can a cat or dog owner be punished by the local authority or sued by their neighbours for allowing their cat or dog to poop in their backyard frequently without cleaning up the mess?” And the answer is yes! But it depends on the circumstances. And the answer is based upon …

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Why are humans disgusted by their faeces but cats aren’t?

Cat pooping

This is a philosophical question even if it does incorporate poo which is quite a nice juxtaposition. It is said that humans are hardwired to be repulsed by their own excreta. And apparently Charles Darwin identified human beings’ disgust at excrement as an essential human emotion. Further, Prof Valerie Curtis, a self-styled “disgustologist”, argued …

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Help desperately needed for parents who are close to breaking point because their cat poops on the floor

The cat who is pooping on the floor

On social media (Reddit), a daughter states that her parents are at their wits end and close to breaking point because their cat poops on the floor. They are at the point where they are considering getting rid of their cat. They need help. I’m going to try and provide some advice. I think …

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How many times do cats poop a day?

Two cats peeing or pooping on a human toilet at the same time

A least once and perhaps twice in a 24-hour period is the answer. It’s likely be more if they have mild diarrhoea. Cats are often active at night and therefore I am interpreting ‘a day’ as meaning 24 hours not just daylight hours. A veterinarian would say that ‘most cats have one or two …

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Can I flush cat poop down the toilet?

Heart-shaped poop from cat litter tray that tells you that your cat loves you

Yes, you can BUT you have to separate the poop from the litter substrate before you do so which makes the concept untenable. I think that answers the question in one sentence but I’ll carry on. There’s even a problem with flushing pure cat poop down the toilet with nothing attached to it and …

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My cats come into the house to use the litter tray and I want to stop it

Outdoor cat litter box

The problem A person aired this problem online. They say that although their cats are allowed to go outside the house and are free to roam around as they wish, they come inside to use the litter tray to go to the toilet. She wants her cats to go to the toilet outside the …

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