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Two cats peeing or pooping on a human toilet at the same time

How many times do cats poop a day?

A least once and perhaps twice in a 24-hour period is the answer. It’s likely be more if they have mild diarrhoea. Cats are often active at night and therefore I am interpreting ‘a...

Heart-shaped poop from cat litter tray that tells you that your cat loves you

Can I flush cat poop down the toilet?

Yes, you can BUT you have to separate the poop from the litter substrate before you do so which makes the concept untenable. I think that answers the question in one sentence but I’ll...

Cat in basket

Why do cats bury their waste?

The question in the title is not strictly accurate because it implies that domestic cats always bury their waste and they don’t. By waste the questioner must mean faeces and urine. Sometimes both these...

Why do cats join us in the bathroom?

Why do cats join you in the bathroom?

Often the reason why cats join you in the bathroom is because through the scent of your faeces and urine you have advertised your presence and metaphorically given them a calling card and an...

Why do cats bury their poop?

Why do cats bury their poop?

I believe that the question refers to domestic cats so I’ll confine my answer to that species of cat although the answer will be similar for other species. The first point to make is...

Do All Cats Bury Their Poop?

Do All Cats Bury Their Poop?

Web surfers ask whether all cats bury their poop and the answer is a categorical No. There is a general belief that domestic cat bury their poop but this is incorrect. In fact I...

Maine Coon kitten

How do kittens know where the litter box is?

Kittens normally don’t need training to find and use the litter tray because it will be the only usable and suitable surface in the human home for a kitten to use as a toilet. They’ll find it. Just make sure it is accessible and private.

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