Poop sends messages to other cats and animals thanks to bacteria living in anal glands

Cat pooping

Domestic cats don’t see faeces as humans do. They are not squeamish about it. Their poop is a very useful communication tool which is why it is deposited above ground sometimes at central areas which might be regarded as toilets in respect of wild cat species. It is the smell from cat poop which …

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Purpose, function and problems of domestic cat anal sacs

Domestic cat anal sacs

The thick, creamy, foul-smelling liquid which is light gray to brown in colour contained in the anal sacs is squeezed onto faeces when the cat defecates. This imparts a particular smell onto the faeces which acts as a calling card for the cat. The scent is particular to that individual cat allowing others to …

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Do I need to express my cat’s anal glands?

Expressing cat anal sacs

Normally, no. I would doubt that many people have considered expressing their cat’s anal sacs 🙂 . The word ‘expressing ‘ means to remove the material inside the sacs. Rarely, there may be occasions when it should be done. Dr Bruce Fogle (Complete Cat Care) says that indoor cats are more likely to develop …

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Anal Sac Problems in Cats: A Painful Kitty Condition

Although the topic of feline anal sacs – commonly called “anal glands” – isn’t glamorous; it is extremely important. If the anal sacs become impacted and infected, cats experience considerable pain and misery. What are Anal Sacs? The anal sacs are two small pouches that are located at approximately the four o’clock and eight …

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