Cat faeces weaponized in an intense neighbour dispute

Cat shit weaponised in neighbour dispute

NEWS AND VIEWS – CHISWICK, UK: The Times reports on cat faeces being weaponized in a ‘war’ between neighbours over four inches of property! Yep, this is an argument over four inches of backyard. I can understand the annoyance and I can understand the desire to hit out but there must be a better …

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‘Any cat that goes on my property, I trap it and it disappears’ – Florida man

Florida - cat's disappear after trapping

OPINION and comment on the latest news. Background: we know that in the United States there are many property owners who hate domestic and stray cats wandering onto their property. Cats can wander as they wish and there is no concept of trespassing for the humble domestic cat. This irritates a lot of people. …

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If your neighbour wants to poison your cat move home!

Barbera Minns the mad pensioner of Cornwall

NEWS AND OPINION: If the relationship between you and your neighbour is so bad that they consistently try and poison your cat (or kill them in any other way), I’d recommend moving home. Just do it quietly without complaint. I’ll tell you why but first I’ll tell you about Barbera Minns in Cornwall who’s …

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Can you be fined for allowing your dog or cat to poop in your backyard?

Dog owner fined for allowing their dog to poop regularly in their backyard

The question is: “Can a cat or dog owner be punished by the local authority or sued by their neighbours for allowing their cat or dog to poop in their backyard frequently without cleaning up the mess?” And the answer is yes! But it depends on the circumstances. And the answer is based upon …

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“My neighbour’s dogs keep attacking my cats, is there anything I can do?”

Neighbour's dogs repeatedly escape neighbour's yard and attacks a man's cats

The question is on a social media website. The person who posted it says that his neighbour has some big dogs and has a backyard but he doesn’t have a lock on the gate. Sometimes the dogs open the gate. His cats are indoor/outdoor cats. The dogs have attacked his cats a few times. …

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There is one effective way to deter cats from gardens

Deterring cats from gardens means making the garden an unpleasant place to be in

A lot has been written on the topic of deterring free-roaming domestic cats from neighbours’ gardens. I cover a recent discussion using plants in the EXPRESS newspaper below but first I would like to discuss this single effective way to deter cats from gardens. I’m going to start with the underlying reason why this …

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Extraordinary letter from a neighbour complaining that a couple abuse their cats

Letter from neighbour complaining about cat welfare

NEWS AND COMMENT-WIGSTON, LEICESTERSHIRE: Fay Massey and Brian Helliwell have six cats who are allowed to come and go as they please. They have a driveway where the cats sometimes sit around particularly during the hot weather recently because I guess the stone pavement is cooler than surrounding areas. Massey puts food and water …

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What can I do if my neighbour has too many cats?

This is a really tricky question although people tend to oversimplify it. First, what is too many cats? It is subjective. That’s the first hurdle but let’s say that without question your neighbour has too many cats. He or she may have, let’s say, 25 cats. Nearly everybody would say that is too many …

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