Taylor Swift’s Scottish Fold cats are likely to be in chronic pain

Olivia Benson

My research tells me that Scottish Fold cats are likely to suffer from chronic (long-term) pain due to the inherited disease that gives these cats their famously flat ears. This is a well-known fact actually but I wanted to check on prevalence across the breed and it is bad. Sidebar: Catster says that Scottish …

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Osteochondrodysplasia is seen in ALL Scottish Fold cats

Osteochondrodysplasia in Scottish Fold cats

Some people might think that the breed standards of the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) prevent registered Scottish Fold cats suffering from osteochondrodysplasia but they don’t. The cat associations says that breeders should always mate a Scottish Fold with a non-Scottish fold cat in order to create a healthy …

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Why does the Scottish Fold Straight exist?

Scottish Fold and Scottish Fold Straight siblings

The Scottish Fold Straight should not exist. It only exists as a by-product of the need to avoid creating horribly unhealthy Scottish Fold cats which have both copies (Fd/Fd) of the gene (Fd) which causes the ear flaps to fold down because of weak cartilage. You’ve probably heard of the Scottish Fold purebred cat. …

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Pictures of cats: cutest Scottish Fold kitten

Cute Scottish Fold kitten

She looks like a brown tabby-and-white. Super cute owl-like face. Ears flat to the head. Big ‘M’ tabby mark on the forehead signifying tabby. Big round baby eyes set in a round head. Pink nose leather. Expression of bewilderment. She’ll be snapped up by a celebrity. Click this for a full page on this …

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Owl-faced long-haired Scottish Fold kitten is a beauty

Owl-faced longhaired Scottish Fold kitten is a beauty

This owl-faced long-haired Scottish Fold kitten is a beauty. The face is very attractive. I believe that the coat is a torbie-and-white. This is a tabby coat combined with a tortoiseshell coat. The tabby markings on the forehead are amazing and reminiscent of the wild fishing cat. Whether the Scottish fold is long or …

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Big chunky Scottish Fold from Russia

Big chunky male Scottish Fold made in Russia

This is an amazing, big, chunky Scottish Fold from Russia. The Russian breeders do some amazing things with cats. I don’t know how ethical they are. I’ll presume that their breeding is ethical as I have no information to decide otherwise. This cat, a ticked tabby, looks like he is unsterilised (not neutered). He …

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