Los Angeles proposes a pause to the issuing of animal breeding licences

LA Animal Services.
LA Animal Services. Image: City of Los Angeles.

NEWS AND COMMENT: I’m told that Los Angeles City Council is considering a moratorium on the issuing of breeding licences. That means a pause to the issuing of permits to breed which I presume mainly means dog and cat breeders in the city of Los Angeles. The reason why the council wants to stop the breeding of these animals is because their shelters have too many abandoned animals.


Los Angeles City Council member Eunisses Hernandez announced on Monday, September 18 that she had introduced a motion seeking to put a moratorium on the issuing of these licences. She believes that there is an overpopulation problem in the six animal shelters in the city.

Dysfunctional LA shelters

In addition to the efforts to stop creating more unwanted animals, it is said that the City Council must tackle dysfunctional aspects of the Los Angeles Animal Services.

One of America’s greatest animal advocates, Nathan Winograd, says that dogs at the Los Angeles shelters spend weeks or months inside the kennels without a walk. They become stressed as a consequence and when that happens, they behave in an unacceptable way to their caretakers at the shelter which, sadly, gives them the excuse to kill the dogs because they have become unadoptable or they are perceived as being unadoptable even though they are healthy and good-tempered outside the kennels.

A Los Angeles Times investigation uncovered rabbits with gouged eyes, guinea pigs without food and hamsters in faeces-soaked and urine-soaked cages.

Whistleblowing problems

And they appear to have a problem with whistleblowers as is so typical of many organisations in many countries. When a whistleblowing volunteer exposed an employee to management because the employee admitted to striking dogs, the volunteer who exposed him was punished not the abuser. This clearly indicates poor management if not chronically bad management and the kind of management that will never improve the organisation.

In my view, the only way to deal with this kind management is to change it because these kinds of practices are often deeply entrenched.

1,100 breeding licenses in 2023 so far

To return to the breeding problems in Los Angeles, I think you would agree that to grant 1,100 breeding permits so far in 2023 is highly excessive. That is the number which the Los Angeles Animal Services have issued which I find extraordinary. And it is believed by Hernandez (and I hope other councillors) that it is unacceptable and indeed ridiculous for the city to continue to keep issuing permits to create more animals under the circumstances.

Few barriers to obtaining a permit

There are few barriers to citizens to apply for a breeding permit and obtain it. And clearly, if all these people are breeding dogs and cats it is bound to impact the animal shelters putting further strain on the system. Hernando’s says that there is an animal shelter crisis in the city and she wisely added that, “This is a problem, because when our shelters are overcapacity, we have no business issuing breeding permits. It is anti-ethical to what we are trying to do. We should only consider issuing a breeding permit when our shelters are at or below 50% capacity. Anything else is pouring gasoline on a fire.”

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Animal shelter volunteer instantly fired for refusing to hand over her phone before a meeting

NEWS AND OPINION – LOS ANGELES, USA: This is an animal shelter story from Los Angeles which sort of fits in with the whistle-blower/gagging culture at some animal shelters. It is about volunteer rights. In this shelter, the Los Angeles Harbor Animal Shelter, one volunteer, Jan Bunker, 74, said that she was dismissed by the director of volunteer programs at animal services, Juan Rivera, for requesting to record on a smart phone a meeting that Rivera had set up with Bunker. She refused to hand her phone to Rivera and was fired instantly as reported by Los Angeles Times.

Winograd tweet
Winograd tweet. Screenshot because sometimes tweets are deleted. The tweet contents are reproduced at the base of the page.

Manager’s demand to hand over phone refused by volunteer

Rivera had asked Bunker before the meeting to give up her phone. I take that to mean that he did not want the meeting to be recorded on the phone and in taking it off Bunker he was sure that that would not happen.

Bunker refused his request because she wanted to record the meeting perhaps because it was about her concerns on the running of the shelter. She challenged her boss’s request to give up the device.

Bunker asked whether Juan was a lawyer. I’m going to presume that there might have been a discussion which has not been reported in which the legality of taking a phone from a volunteer was discussed. And that, to me, seems to be the critical issue in this report. To be clear: does a animal shelter boss or any employer for that matter, have the right to take the cell phone from a volunteer or employee before a meeting to prevent the meeting been recorded? The answer should be in the contract and if not, it might be an unreasonable demand.

Rivera said that his lawyer told him that he has the right to take a phone from his volunteers. He then went on to say that Bunker was being insubordinate and that the meeting was over because she refused to hand over the phone.

He then yelled at Bunker, “You’re fired!”

An employee can only be insubordinate if they refuse to carry out a reasonable request/demand. If it is unreasonable, it can be refused and not be a breach of contract.

That is the essence of the story but there’s a back story to this as well because it is claimed that this particular shelter is badly run. It is claimed that volunteers are being lent on too much to do an array of tasks.

Badly run shelter?

Bunker and other volunteers have described seeing small animals without food and water. And they have spent their own money on supplies for the animals.

There has been another dismissal of a volunteer for not wearing a mask at the shelter. They say that the dismissals make recruiting more volunteers difficult.

In response, it appears that the Los Angeles Times contacted Animal Services and a spokesperson, Agnes Sibal, said that the department doesn’t comment on personal issues.

The feeling that I have from the story is that there are some issues regarding management of this shelter affecting animal welfare and the volunteers are called upon to do tasks which might be beyond their normal remit and that and when they complain as appears to have happened with Bunker, they are shut down and categorised as being insubordinate.

I don’t know the terms and conditions of the contract between volunteers and the shelter. It probably allows them to dismiss volunteers summarily without any notice but that needs to be checked.

Winograd tweet

P.S. Nathan Winograd tweeted the following on November 9 which led me to the story above: L.A. volunteers have exposed dogs not being walked for months: https://lat.ms/3AkxilO, staff hitting dogs: https://lat.ms/3QLkaM7, and neglect and abuse of rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters: https://lat.ms/3SDWsTq.

Two related articles. There are many more. Please search.

Animal Shelters: When I Spoke Out I was Thrown Out!

Los Angeles targets the ultimate goal: no-kill animal shelters


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2 girls stand over their cat killed on a road where they are about to be hit by a van behind them

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a picture taken from a security camera video of two girls who are standing in the middle of what appears to be a 4-lane dual carriageway road in Buena Park, Los Angeles, USA. They are looking at their dead cat who had only just been killed by a vehicle on that road. Right behind them is a white van which is about to hit them. One of them was killed and the other survived.

Reluctantly, I have decided that the picture has to be shown on a separate page where there are no adverts because some people would consider the picture to be disturbing. Although initially the picture looks rather benign but when you study it you realise that something awful is about to happen. Advertisers don’t like to be linked to pictures which are difficult to look at.

Please click the link below to see the image

Two girls stand over their cat killed on the road where they are about to be hit themselves by a van behind them. Video screenshot

It happened last Tuesday at about 6 AM in the morning. The young woman was declared dead at the scene. She was 17-years-of-age. Neighbours say that this stretch of the road is dangerous. That’s all we know. If you know more than you might like to contact the local police department at 714-562-3941.

COMMENT: This is both shocking and strange. The news item says that they ran into the road to check out their cat. But they were actually standing in the middle of the road and this appears to be a dual carriageway. They were at the central area where there would normally be a central reservation. They had their backs turned to potential oncoming traffic. That’s the first peculiarity. The second peculiarity is that the van driver ploughed into them. He/she must’ve seen them. It would seem that he/she was distracted and was not looking at the road ahead.

For some reason the two young women thought it was safe to stand in the road. This needs to be investigated. They clearly liked or were emotionally connected to their cat because they had gone out into the road to, I presume, recover him/her and taken a risk in doing it.

It is the first story that I have read in 14 years where a cat owner was killed on the road immediately after their cat had been killed by traffic. That’s why I am writing about it. It is very tragic and a sad story.

It reminds us that if you live near a busy road, you should really keep your cat inside the home full-time and I’m not criticising anybody. It’s just too dangerous because roads are probably the biggest killer of adult cats in America other than shelters euthanising cats because they’ve got no more space.

RELATED: Top 10 Causes of Cat Deaths

Below is the video from which the screenshot is taken. Correctly, it does not run all the way to the point where the van hits the women but the original video must show it.

This is an embedded video from a news website and as a consequence I have no control over it. If it disappears over time then I’m sorry but you got the screenshot which is poor quality because the security camera quality is poor. Note: if you’re wondering why I am showing the video on this page and not the image it is because AI software picks up still images but can’t recognise videos containing difficult content.

Below are some articles on RTAs.

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Manx – Rex – American Curl multi-hybrid kittens rescued

Friends for Life Rescue Network in Los Angeles have rescued a couple of kittens that were known to have the Manx, tailless gene but they are also American Curl and Rex cats in my opinion. They appear to me to be the result of a deliberate attempt by a local breeder to create a Rex – Manx – American Curl hybrid. This is because they are tailless, have curly hair and folded back ears.

Liam Amber and German Shepherd dog at their new home (foster carer's home)
Liam Amber and German Shepherd dog at their new home (foster carer’s home)

They are siblings Liam and Amber. They were fostered and their foster carer has adopted them which is heroic as they are both special needs kitties. They have conditions associated with the Manx gene: spina bifida and incontinence.

Liam and Amber nose touch greeting in front of friendly and interested dog
Liam and Amber nose touch greeting in front of friendly and interested dog. Photo: Friends for Life Rescue Network.

The foster carer is an amazing person. I think her name is Denah. But an interesting aspect of this cat rescue is the purebred/hybrid nature of the kitties. And Friends for Life Rescue Network have some other purebred hybrids on their Instagram page. They have for instance a cat that looks like a Maine Coon x American Curl cross. And I have seen a Singapura. A rare cat.

Liam as a kitten wearing his diaper (nappy)
Liam as a kitten wearing his diaper (nappy). Photo: Friends for Life Rescue Network.

Liam needed a lot of TLC when he was rescued which is to be expected (and medical treatment). Amber
joined Liam and they were introduced in a staged way to prevent hostility. They get along well and live with a German Shepherd dog.

They are both doing well in the excellent care of Denah. But as I said these cats are purebred hybrids in my opinion and I’d love to know the backstory, their history before they were rescued. This interesting chapter in their lives is omitted.

I have left a message with the rescue network on their Facebook page to see if there is something going on with breeding novel hybrid cats who are rejected because of health issues.

FB message
FB message

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Video of 24 cats being rescued from very hot car in California

NEWS/VIEWS – ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA: The video is interesting and not hard to watch. I don’t want to dwell on the ins and outs of this story too much as it is too sad. I dislike seeing cats in this situation. But I’ll cover some basic points.

24 cats left in super hot car
24 cats left in super hot car. Screenshot.

The cats were left inside the car without water and food and the car become very hot. Twenty-four cats inside a car is a hell of a lot of cats. The cats I saw in the video didn’t look too distressed and they were all recovered. They must have been distressed though.

The car was smelling. It was parked outside the Quality Inn Ontario Convention Centre, Ontario, near Los Angeles. The car owner was a guest at the hotel. They were charged with 24 animal welfare crimes. The cats were assessed by a vet. They are okay it seems and will be adopted out from the Inland Valley Humane Society & S.P.C.A.

COMMENT: The big issue is why the person did it. I’d love to question this person. I’d do it politely but we need to get inside the head of these people. What are they thinking when they do something so obviously cruel? Do they know they are being cruel to cats? In other words are they cruel people or blind to their actions and therefore mentally ill?

Should they be punished of treated? Or punished and treated? They should be punished but their psychological state needs to be assessed.

If the video fails to work and you really want to see it (it’s pretty interesting) click on this link which takes you to the original website. It opens a new tab.

Note: videos on this site are typically made by people other than me and held on YouTube servers or the servers of other businesses (not the server storing this website). Sometimes the videos are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. It that has happened I apologise but I have no control over it.


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Result! Trapping of LA feral cats called off because of pressure from concerned cat lovers

It’s been a SUCCESS: concerned cat lovers came together via Facebook to put a lot of pressure on the property management company, ‘Related’, for Plummer Village in LA, which is the area where Barbara Yabor’s feral cat colony lives. The result is that they have decided to put a stop to the planned trapping of the cats. Barbara says “it was called off for the time being, Michael”.

This appears to be a moment when the company reappraises what is going on. ‘Related’ became the new managing agents for the property development on 25 July 2018. I suspect that the pressure to put a halt to the plan came partly from the potential complications that they might encounter. They had a license to trap cats and cat owners were warned but if someone’s domestic cat is trapped and subsequently euthanised due to errors it’s not only cruel but very bad publicity for a business that wants to build relationships with home owners and renters.

Related state: “We are sensitive to the needs of our residents…”

Well it seems that they have listened. Barbara told me that Related were inundated with phone calls. She told me that the “phone was ringing off the hook.” So it was pressure and lobbying from supporters of feral cats brought together via Facebook and my website PoC.

Property management company Related stops plans to trap feral cats

Barbara mentioned that “Wendy Middlerider is an angel”. Apparently she talked to the regional manager (believed to be referring to Joseph Kross) of Related and he had no idea what was going on regarding the trapping of 12 feral cats. It appears that he was enlightened by Wendy.

The big question for the future is whether a permanent stop can be placed on the trapping.

Please watch this space for further updates as things develop.

My thanks to Barbara Yabor and all her supporters and supporters of feral cats.

Source: the information comes direct from Barbara Yabor. If anyone can assist in the details or wishes to make corrections, please leave a comment and I will take prompt action. Thanks.

Plummer Village is on the northeastern edge of Metropolitan Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles feral cat colony caretaker needs URGENT help from fellow cat lovers


UPDATE 28 Aug 2018: RESULT! The planned trapping of these cats has been stopped. Please read this page and then please click on this link to read the update. My thanks to all the wonderful cat lovers and carers who responded and who put pressure on those planning to trap the cats

West Valley, Plummer St., Chatsworth, LA: Barbara Yabor posted on Facebook that a colony of feral cats that she has been caring for over 12 years are about to be trapped by the authorities. A permit has been issued and a notice of the license has been posted in the area where the feral cats live. Click this link to go to Barbara’s Facebook page or visit her post on this link.


LA cat trapping notice

Barbara is naturally very distraught and would love any assistance that can be provided by fellow cat lovers to save the cats which Barbara has so unstintingly cared for for so long. These cats are going to die and she loves them dearly. She has given her heart to help them.

The departmental trapping begins 29 Aug 2018 (in five days time) so this is very urgent indeed.

Please read Barbara’s FB post below (reproduced verbatim) and contact her via the post to help.

On the wall of the HUD apt building I live in, today!


A permit to trap cats in this area pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal code section 53.06.3 has been approved.

12 years ago I with my Manager took 6 baby kittens to the SPCA in Chatsworth, Ca. To be euthanized, because this woman was watering them to death after I told her to stop and I moved the kittens to another location, the Mama Cat kept bringing them back? One month later, I had every cat in this area TNRd ! About 10 kitties. The more that came to eat, them I TNR,d also!

Fast forward 2018, after too many arguments with a cat hating ex felon living here and him vandalizing my Garden, great many posts on Walls with degrading my character for feeding outside cats , flat tires on my car, Cyberstalking on a Cat blog by Michael Broad. 6 pepper spray attacks and Bullying, Stalking and harassment for 12 yrs.

This is now what I’m facing on the 29th of August, for 3 weeks. I have all kinds of documentation to show the City Attorney s DA. But what will it take to keep them from destroying my Colony, after they trap.

I am 73, can disabled from putting up with the abuse from this Criminal. I go out late at night to feed them as he has been stalking for years and is even more aggressive lately.

Any advice??, my heart is breaking for my sweet, beloved Colony. I don’t think I can bear anymore pain, now the pain of them being trapped and destroyed has frightened me to death, my heart is beating irregular and I’m hyper

Michael Broad is familiar with my story.

Thank you.

The law

Below I quote the law under which this permit to trap was issued.

SEC. 53.06.3. TRAPPING – PERMIT REQUIRED. (Amended by Ord. No. 170,644, Eff. 9/14/95.)

(a) No person shall set, or cause to be set, any trap to catch any animal, other than rats, mice, pocket gophers, ground squirrels and moles, without having first obtained a permit therefor from the Department prior to the setting of any such trap.

(b) The Department shall charge and collect for issuance of a permit to trap a coyote a fee of $200.00.

(c) The Department shall establish conditions which the applicant for a permit to trap a coyote must satisfy prior to the issuance of any such permit. If the General Manager or the General Manager’s designee determines that the applicant has satisfied the conditions, then the Department shall issue a permit to trap a coyote. The Department shall further ensure that those conditions will be maintained and that the permittee shall inform neighboring residents, located within a distance established by the Department, that coyote trapping will be occurring in their area.

(d) No person shall set, or cause to be set, any snare, body gripping trap, body crushing trap, deadfall trap, leg hold trap, or any trap or snare that captures an animal other than rats, mice, pocket gophers, ground squirrels and moles, by gripping or snaring any part of the animal including its body, head, neck or limb, or that maims or causes the inhumane death or suffering of any animal. (Added by Ord. No. 183,001, Eff. 5/28/14.)

(e) The Department shall promulgate rules and regulations which are reasonably necessary to minimize the suffering of animals trapped in humane traps such as box, culvert or cage traps. These rules and regulations may include the placement of the traps and visitation schedules, identification and contact information for the trap, the type and use of permissible bait, and the treatment of the trapped animals. (Added by Ord. No. 183,001, Eff. 5/28/14.)


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Smash bang grab. Kitten rescue behind fireplace in intense video.

The house owners allowed rescuers to smash a large hole in their living room wall to find this kitten. This is an excellent cat rescue video. Well done to Hope For Paws. Great film making and what a rescue! It was very tense again.

Young kitten rescued from behind wall
Screenshot from video.

The home owners heard the cries of a kitten behind their living room wall; stuck behind the fireplace. The team tried to get him out via the chimney and fireplace without damaging the house but to no avail.

I am impressed with the house owners for allowing them to knock down part of their wall but they had no choice I guess. And it is what is called a stud wall or dry wall; plaster board and therefore easy to repair. Nonetheless it is damage.

The moment of rescue is intense. It is a wonderful little movie. The kitten was rushed to an animal hospital where they worked in the early hours of the morning as the rescue concluded well after 2 in the morning; the middle of the night. This shows the dedication of the rescue team.

I love this team; so impressive. The happy ending is made happier when this little fella meets up with another little fella that Hope For Paws had rescued from the side of a freeway under equally pressured circumstances. They play and it is a wonderful moment.

Wow, this is as good as it gets in cat rescue.

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