Cat and dog owners tend to underestimate the weight of their obese companion animals

Obese people and obese cats

I have just written an article about an obesity epidemic among people in Great Britain and I tied that sad information in with a well-known obesity epidemic among domestic cats in Britain. And while searching for that article I bumped into a study which was published in December 2023. It is, therefore, a recent …

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Flat-faced dogs and cats’ helplessness makes them more attractive

Flat faced brachycephalic dogs and cats behave like toddlers which attracts the nurturing desire in their human caregiver which in turn makes the animals more attractive as companions.

STUDY RESULT PLUS COMMENT: Dorottya Ujfalussy from the Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary, has decided in her study that flat-faced dogs (and I’m going to include flat-faced cats) are more attractive to their owners because they are more helpless. And in being more helpless they are more like human toddlers who are themselves helpless …

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Are domestic cats smarter than toddlers?

Tabby cat is protective of toddler

I am afraid that the question is unworkable. It is not practical or possible to compare the intelligence of a domestic adult cat to the intelligence of a toddler in the age bracket 1-3. There are two variables: animal versus human and toddler versus adult. It just becomes chaotic and ridiculous. I can’t think …

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Toddler takes Siamese kitten from mother and mother wants her kitten back

Siamese cat mother wants her kitten back from toddler who has taken him

An interesting video because it shows, in a way, a competition between a female Siamese cat who has given birth to a kitten in someone’s home and a toddler who wants to hold her kitten because she is fascinated with this cute creature. Cat and human are fighting over a kitten; not good. Note: …

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Study says that cats and dogs do not benefit the health of children in the home

Extraordinary photo of cat surrounded by children

This is a surprising result but I am referring to one study and it goes without saying that we should be cautious about jumping to firm conclusions from one scientific study. That said, a study published on the Taylor & Francis Online website, dated 03 Aug 2017 and titled: “A propensity-score-weighted population-based study of …

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Can cats be protective of babies and toddlers?

Tara who saved her human toddler friend from a dog attack

Female domestic cats can show maternal instincts when being courageously protective of babies and toddlers. On this page there are four videos. Three of them clearly show a cat protecting a toddler. In two of them the cat attacks a dog who is attacking the child. These are very brave acts by the cats …

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Reason why ‘guardian angel’ cat stops toddler from grabbing balcony railings

Cat acting as mom to this toddler as she has learned the behavior by observation

This is an interesting video because it tells us a lot about the relationship between domestic cats and their owners and the relationship between domestic cats and babies and toddlers in the home. When domestic cats are fully integrated into a family home they can have a relationship that we see in the video …

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Gentle interactions between toddlers and cats are charming

Babies, toddlers and cats

It is time for a bit of cuteness and charm. This video has both and it is also instructional. I was immediately struck by the fact that the young infants interact gently with the cats. It is also very clear that the cats like being around the infants. They interact with them as if …

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