The Worst Case of Feline Ringworm That You Will See and It Was on a Tiger

Aasha is a female Bengal tiger. She was a travelling circus tiger. When she was spotted with ringworm at the age of nine months she had the weight of a three-month-old cub at 30 pounds and most of her coat including all her head was badly affected by ringworm. The ringworm had taken all …

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Rescue staffers spreading ringworm to cats

We know that ringworm is a zoonotic disease.  When we discuss zoonotic diseases we almost invariably refer to the transmission of a disease from animals to us.  In other words, we are referring to the transmission of a disease between different species and in the case of ringworm we are talking about transmission from …

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Shelter Cats At Christmas. Let’s Think of Them

In general, cats in conventional animal shelters are living through a stressful and hazardous time. It is probably the most hazardous and stressful time of their lives (depending on the individual shelter and cat). We don’t have to go over the same ground to conclude that, in the USA, shelter cats in a typical …

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Cat Ringworm

Ringworm glows under UV-A light

By Michael Ringworm photo © topherous Cat ringworm is exactly the same as human ringworm as it is zoonotic, which means it is a disease or infectious agent that can be transmitted between animals and humans. The term zoonotic is strange as it presupposes that we are not animals when we clearly are albeit …

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