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Turkey for Christmas!

New cat meme ‘Cooked Bird’

I have never seen this before and it is very cute only it does bring to mind the wrong kind of mental image. Sorry if that upsets some people. I have a called it...

Bingus on Reddit

What breed of cat is Bingus?

Bingus is a Sphynx or a Don Sphynx, both hairless cats which went viral back in March of 2020, thanks to an Instagram video. Bingus is far more likely to be a Sphynx, a...

Cats are liquid meme

Cats are liquid meme

It has become the currency of internet social media: the liquid cat meme. If you are unfamiliar with it, here is a crash course. A ‘meme’ in my words is a trend by internet...

Gregory the tame caracal pet cat aka Big Floppa with his domestic cat friend probably a Maine Coon

What kind of cat is Big Floppa?

‘Big Floppa’ or just ‘Floppa’ is the name given to a domesticated caracal – a medium-sized wild cat. The name ‘Floppa’ is a reference to the ear tufts sticking out of the ear flaps...

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