Why do small cats (domestic, caracals, servals, etc.) have pointed ears and big cats (lion, tiger, cheetah, etc.) have rounded ones? Is there an adaptive function to the ear shape?

Stryker the Cat is a serval not an F1 Savannah cat

The question in the title is malformed. It is inaccurate but I have taken it direct from quora.com. For a start, the caracal and serval are not small cats. They are medium-sized wild cats. Also, a genuinely small cat which happens to be a cute-looking wild cat, the sand cat, has enormous and round …

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Infographic on caracal description


I don’t need to add many words here as the infographic says all that I’d like to say about this very popular medium-sized wild cat species. In America there is considerable interest in the caracal as a pet. They are attractive. For the medium-sized wild cats the caracal and serval are the two most …

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Average weight of a caracal

Caracal attacking birds

The caracal is a slender, long-legged cat of medium size weighing 8-20 kg (17.6-44.1 pounds). The difficulty in providing the average weight of a caracal is that you end up averaging the weight of females and males and theoretically you should also average-in the weight of sub-adult caracals which makes the resulting number less …

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What kind of cat is Big Floppa?

Gregory the tame caracal pet cat aka Big Floppa with his domestic cat friend probably a Maine Coon

‘Big Floppa’ or just ‘Floppa’ is the name given to a domesticated caracal – a medium-sized wild cat. The name ‘Floppa’ is a reference to the ear tufts sticking out of the ear flaps which for the caracal they flop ver due to their length. The caracal has the ability to jump higher than …

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Can caracal cats be pets?

Caracal on top of fridge in home

There are people who have caracals as pets but there are not many of them because caracals don’t make ideal pets. This medium sized wild cat species has been used to hunt with people and therefore can be somewhat tamed but as pets, No.

Facts About The Caracal

Fact about the Caracal

Caracal (Caracal caracal) The Caracal in appearance resembles the Lynx in having characteristic dark tufts on its large, pointed ears and is indeed often referred to as the African Lynx or Desert Lynx, however the caracal is not closely related to the true lynx species. Extending the visual comparison, the body of the caracal …

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Why do caracals have tufts on their ears?


There are possibly two reasons why caracals have large, dark tufts on the tips of their ears. I say ‘possibly’ because I don’t think we know for sure. Also, you could ask why Maine Coon cats have large ear tufts (although less impressive than the caracal’s). There is no reason why Maine Coons have …

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