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Infographic on caracal description

I don’t need to add many words here as the infographic says all that I’d like to say about this very popular medium-sized wild cat species. In America there is considerable interest in the caracal as a pet. They are attractive. For the medium-sized wild cats the caracal and serval are the two most likely …

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Caracal on top of fridge in home

Can caracal cats be pets?

There are people who have caracals as pets but there are not many of them because caracals don’t make ideal pets. This medium sized wild cat species has been used to hunt with people and therefore can be somewhat tamed but as pets, No.



Caracal Introduction The Name Classification Description Distribution Behavior Conservation Introduction This is the cat that features in the well known phrase, ‘to put the cat amongst the pigeons’. This harks back the era of Indian princes and maharajahs who, it is said, kept cheetahs and caracals as hunting animals. I have already written an article …

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