When domestic cats rest is there nothingness in their heads or do they recollect past experiences or think of things to come?

Thinking domestic cat

I don’t know of anybody who knows the answer to the question in the title to his article. It’s impossible to get inside the head of a domestic cat with accuracy. We have to rely on quite a large slice of guesswork to try and figure out what a domestic cat is thinking at …

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How does a stray cat feel when someone rescues and takes her home?

Rescued cat is scared and unsure

To the above question you could add the following subsequent questions. How does her mind explain such an act of kindness? Does she remember that for the rest of her life? These three questions were asked on Quora.com. I wish to try and answer the questions. The first question can be answered by saying …

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Will my cat remember me?

Will my cat remember me? People search Google for an answer. This is my answer. Based upon personal experience the answer is, yes. And you can be a long time away from your cat and he/she will still remember you. I remember visiting Helmi Flick in Dallas, America many years ago, and meeting her …

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Cats Have A Good Long-term Memory

My experiences tell me, with certainty, that domestic cats have a first class long term memory. Isn’t this an indicator that cats are more intelligent than given credit for? Memory is an important factor in intelligence. Reasoning relies on memory. Long-term memory is about a file of experiences which can be called upon to …

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Cat Memory: How Good Is It?

How good is a cat’s memory? This is an important question because it affects the behaviour of a cat and it can affect the way our cat interacts and relates to us. However, you will struggle to find solid information about cat memory on the Internet. This page, therefore, is based upon what I …

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