Feline agoraphobia

I am not sure if writers about cats refer to ‘feline agoraphobia’. I have just thought about when writing about a beautiful, ginger Maine Coon (MC) who was let out into the garden (backyard) for the first time after a lifetime ‘locked up’ as a full-time indoor cat as they must be. MC can …

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Has your cat been traumatised by a visit to the vet?

Vet with cat. The way it should be.

I was reading a section by Dr. Desmond Morris in his book Catlore and he suggested that sometimes domestic cats bite the hand that strokes them because of a traumatic experience they’ve had in the past and one example might be a visit to a veterinarian. Morris suggests that sometimes veterinarians, being fearful of …

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2 ways to stop your cat climbing your Christmas tree. One is better than the other.

Frightening your cat with the Christmas tree so that she avoids it when it is erected

I recently wrote about stopping your cat climbing the Christmas tree by putting tinfoil around it. When your cat walks on the foil, they dislike the experience so they back off. As they don’t see that you are part of an unpleasant experience, they don’t associate you with it. And therefore, it is an …

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Domestic cats are scared of tinfoil because it sounds like a viper

Protecting the Christmas tree with tin foil

Far-fetched? That’s what you might think of the statement in the title. However, I feel quite confident that it is true. Sound of tinfoil When handled, or when walked upon by a cat, tinfoil makes a rattling sound of sorts, akin to the sound of the rattle from one of the 200 species of …

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Cat springs off kitchen counter in a peculiar way as it is covered in tin foil

Cat momentarily scared after jumping on kitchen counter covered with tin foil

The maker of the video said: “I got sick of my cats jumping on the kitchen bench so I thought I’d try this after seeing it on tiktok.” It is an interesting video as the cat woman’s cat jumps off in a very peculiar way. It is what makes the video funny. The cat’s …

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