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Cat sites on tin foil

Does tinfoil scare cats?

This is a question about domestic cats. In general, tinfoil does scare cats. In my view it is because of the noise tinfoil makes when handled plus the texture and the unknown quantities and...

Playing with a cat helps make them less fearful in a poor environment

How do I make my cat less scared?

I think we have to look at the problem of scared cats with reference to two different circumstances. Cats can be fearful or freaked out on somebody or something temporarily or they can be...

Scared cat

What are cats scared of?

Domestic cats are scared of one thing: being attacked by a predator. This fear can be shown in a wide range of circumstances which might mask the root cause of the behaviour. This fundamental...

Cat running away

My cat runs away from me

Variants of the statement in the title are: My cat runs away from me outside Why does my cat run away from me when playing? Why does my cat run away from my boyfriend?...

Trump on TV scares cat

Trump on TV scares cat

I suppose Trump is scary. This cat has good sense 😉 So what is it about Trump that scared this cute cat? We have no idea but it is possible that the cat had...

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