Do cats accept the touching or petting of their paws?

Cat petting acceptance and rejection road map

NO, not NORMALLY is the answer to the question in the title but there are exceptions. The paws of the hind legs are almost always out of bounds in my experience. More so than the forepaws. But after living with my cat for around 8 years and developing an ever-closer relationship, he likes me …

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How sensitive is a cat’s sense of taste?

Domestic cat's sensitivity to four basic tastes

A domestic cat’s sense of taste is not quite as good as ours which is reassuring because in many respects the domestic cat’s senses are superior to ours. However, as you might know, they have difficulty in tasting sweetness. Like us, the domestic cat responds to 4 basic tastes: sour bitter salt and sweet. …

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The reason why cats feel pain when they eat ice cream

Cat eats ice cream

There was a craze on the Internet recently about cats eating ice cream and filming their reaction (brain freeze). The world is divided into two groups on this activity. There are those who find it amusing and there are those who regard it as animal abuse. I am in the latter group. It is …

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Cat Memory: How Good Is It?

How good is a cat’s memory? This is an important question because it affects the behaviour of a cat and it can affect the way our cat interacts and relates to us. However, you will struggle to find solid information about cat memory on the Internet. This page, therefore, is based upon what I …

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Why Siamese Cats Are Cross-eyed

Click on this to go to a large format PDF file of the same image that is clearer. This is my explanation as to why some Siamese cats are cross-eyed or at least it is possibly part of the reason. Crossed-eyes are fairly common amongst Siamese cats. You’ll also see it random bred cats …

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