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do cats sometimes defecate when scared

Do cats sometimes defecate when scared?

Do domestic cats sometimes defecate when they are scared such as when on the veterinarian’s consultation table? The answer quite definitely is yes. I have personal experience of this when I took my then...

Cat's hind legs avoid obstacles thanks to working memory

Working memory in domestic cats to position hind legs

People and animals need working memory in order to function properly. This is the part of short-term memory concerned with immediate conscious perceptual processing. Another definition is: a limited capacity store for retaining information...

Cat jumping - controlled by the voluntary nervous system

20 facts about the cat’s nervous system

Here are 20 facts about the cat’s nervous system. It is a condensed set of facts which might be useful to people who are looking for an overview of this aspect of the cat’s...

Cats versus dogs

Do dogs have bigger brains than cats?

Yes, dogs have bigger brains than cats. The average dog brain is about the size of a tangerine or at best a lemon. The average cat brain is about the size of a large...

Cat having a bad dream

What do cats dream about?

I am going to rely on my own observations to answer the question. I’m sure that almost all other cat owners have observed the same thing: when a domestic cat dreams their whiskers twitch,...

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