Cat smart enough to make his own litter tray when access to his was barred

This is a cute little story which really could be told in one sentence and one photo but I have expanded on it as this form of cat behaviour is interesting. The cat’s owner (guardian) accidentally closed the doorway which … please continue reading

Do cats understand the concept of beauty, do they find some other cats more attractive over others?

Bengal cat

This is an interesting question which made me think and I will answer it at least initially from the viewpoint of the female cat. I will also answer it from the viewpoint of cats who have not been spayed or … please continue reading

My Elderly Cat Has Become Obsessively Affectionate

This is an interesting example of what can happen to elderly cats. In this instance an 18-year-old male cat who was always affectionate become almost totally deaf and as a consequence he became even more affectionate; excessively so, according to … please continue reading