We can’t expect China to stop animal cruelty even if they introduce animal welfare laws

The level of corruption in China would prevent the proper enforcement of any animal welfare laws that might be enacted in the long-term future in that country

China currently has no animal welfare laws. I’ve said it many times and it still shocks me bearing in mind this is the second largest economy in the world. The existence of animal welfare laws is a reflection on the morality of a society. We are compelled to conclude that Chinese society is morally …

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Testosterone fuelled white hunters and corrupt black officials destroy the lion in SA

Lion skull worth over $1000

Hey guys, there’s a roaring trade in lion bones in South Africa (SA). You know why? The white guys are testosterone fuelled hunters and hunt organisers or lion breeders and the black officials and politicians are corrupt. A great double act guaranteed to kill-off wildlife. Between them they are destroying the lion in South …

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Laos government worked with illegal animal trafficking businesses in corrupt deals for profit

The Guardian newspaper has published a lengthy and very admirable report about how senior Laos officials, going all the way up to the Prime Minister’s office, worked with businesses involved in the mass importation and exportation of the body parts of endangered species for financial profit. The government took a cut of the profit …

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