Dilution of cat coats (infographic)

Asian bobtailed cat

This is another infographic which I hope summarises what is going on when a cat coat becomes pale and washed out. A lot of people like the appearance. All the grey cats are a washed out black. The most famous grey purebred cat is the British Blue. The Russian Blue is also a dilute black.

What is the blue-cream cat coat?

Dilute tortoiseshell

The blue-cream cat coat is a dilute version of the black-red cat coat which describes the tortoiseshell coat so the blue-cream coat is a dilute tortoiseshell. Blue is a dilute black. It is blue-grey. Grey cats are called ‘blue cats’ by the cat fancy as you probably know in recognition of the slight blue …

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Can tortoiseshell cats have white?

Calico cat or tortoiseshell and white

To fill out the question, it is asking if tortoiseshell cats can have some white fur in addition to the usual black plus orange tabby and the answer is yes but in the United States they refer to tortoiseshell cats with some white fur as ‘calico cats’. In the UK the cat fancy has …

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‘Down Syndrome cat’ has 137,000 Instagram followers. Would the same happen to a child?

Willow dressed up on Instagram

This is a case were ugly becomes pretty; pretty effective at becoming a celebrity and the owner taking vicarious pleasure from that celebrity. I am going to turn on its head the idea of ugly cat celebrity. “I’m OK with people saying that she’s weird looking because she is but I don’t like when …

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Valentine’s Day Card for Cat Lovers

This is a hand-made, custom Valentine’s Day card for cat lovers. It is just something that kept me amused for an hour or so. Rarely, some cats have heart-shaped fur patterns. They are ideal for a Valentine Cat card. It is these sweet cats that gave me the idea. There is not much I …

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