What is the blue-cream cat coat?

Dilute tortoiseshell

The blue-cream cat coat is a dilute version of the black-red cat coat which describes the tortoiseshell coat so the blue-cream coat is a dilute tortoiseshell. Blue is a dilute black. It is blue-grey. Grey cats are called ‘blue cats’ by the cat fancy as you probably know in recognition of the slight blue …

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Theory for the reason why grey cats are ‘blue’ (infographic)

Blue Female Scottish Fold12

You know that in the cat fancy grey cats are called blue cats. The best known is the ‘Blue British Shorthair’. This is a grey-furred cat. Grey fur is caused by the presence of the dilution gene. It causes the melanin pigment clumps in each hair strand to be dispersed with gaps as shown …

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Why are gray cats called blue?

Gray cats are called ‘blue’ because the grey coat has a faint blue tint. This is because the grey coated cat is genetically a dilute black coat; the effect of the presence of the dilution gene. This partly explains why cat breeders and the cat associations i.e., the cat fancy refers to grey cats …

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Colonel Meow has died

Colonel Meow, one of the most famous internet cats in the world, died January 29 after a brief illness. He was rescued several years ago by the Seattle Persian and Himalayan Society after being found abandoned on the side of a road. Colonel Meow underwent a thorough vet exam, and was soon adopted through …

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