Your chance to watch a ginger tabby Maine Coon kitten grow up from 2 to 16 weeks of age in a 17 second video

Ginger tabby Maine Coon kitten

I always like these short videos showing a charming Maine Coon kitten growing up. This breed grows up slowly; still developing at 4-years-of-age they say. And this particular individual is a lovely ginger tabby with a nice little dark smudge on the left side of his nose which I think adds to his attractiveness. …

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Fox to dog hybrid (dox) discovered in Brazil from a Pampas fox to dog mating

The latest, hot of the press news is that scientists in Brazil have proven that a dog-fox hybrid is possible because they found one! And they say that they’ve proven in through genetic testing. The hybrid dog-fox (sometimes referred to as a ‘dox’) has 76 chromosomes which ‘were a mixture of those found in …

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Dilution of cat coats (infographic)

Asian bobtailed cat

This is another infographic which I hope summarises what is going on when a cat coat becomes pale and washed out. A lot of people like the appearance. All the grey cats are a washed out black. The most famous grey purebred cat is the British Blue. The Russian Blue is also a dilute black.

Describing the male tortoiseshell cat’s strange feminine behavior

Male tortoiseshell cats are rare and feminine

Male tortoiseshell cats are very rare because the genes which create the coat colour and pattern are sex linked. There should be no tortoiseshell male cats. There are some because of a minor genetic error which allows the male to develop with the combination XXY chromosomes. The double X gives it the chance to …

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Why are tortoiseshell cats nearly always female?

Dilute tortoiseshell Maine Coon photo by Robert Sijka

As you might well imagine, the reason why tortoiseshell cats are nearly always female is to do with the genetics and how the genes that dictate the coat colour and pattern are linked to the sex of the cat. Female mammals have 2 X chromosomes while males have one X and one Y chromosome. …

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