Can cats and dogs sense human intentions?

Dog recognises the good intentions of this man who wants to help

Yes, is the answer to the question in the title and that assessment comes from scientific studies which have shown that cats and dogs can read humans through their body language and voice and from personal experience and anecdotal evidence. The video on this page is an example. A good one and a good …

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Is it okay to grieve for a pet?

Grieving on the loss of a cat is entirely normal and to be expected

Is it okay to grieve on the loss of your cat companion? I am surprised that the question has been asked but Google found it and I’m going to answer in a way that millions of other people would answer it. It is entirely okay and entirely normal for a person to grieve on …

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TikTok trending: pretending that your dog bit you might have unforeseen negative consequences

Tiktok viral trend of pretending your dog bit you has bad consequences for the dog

There is another TikTok trend brewing. They do tend to catch on. It’s amazing how people dream up new ways to attract viewers. They will do almost anything to achieve the goal standard of attracting millions of TikTok views. In this instance, dog owners are encouraging, if not provoking, their dogs to bite their …

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