2 dogs cause $3000-worth of damage to car trying to get at a cat under the hood

2 dogs damage a parked car trying to get at a cat protecting themselves under the hood in the engine compartment

This is another example of how dogs can cause an inordinate amount of damage to a car. I’ve seen it before in videos. The power of these large, strong dogs is extraordinary. They can do things that human simply can’t when it comes to demolishing cherished objects! In this instance, it’s been reported that …

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Why it is easier to take a dog on holiday than a cat!

Cat is more attached to his home - the physical surroundings - than his owner

There is more than one reason why it is easier to take a dog on holiday than a cat but there is one major reason: cats form strong attachments to the place where they live as they link it to a food source. Most domestic dogs in contrast become attached first and foremost to …

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One quarter of all the world’s dogs are human companions in homes while three quarters are free-ranging or feral

In the idea of free ranging dogs a good one?

On the Psychology Today website Dr. Marc Bekoff introduces his article by saying that there are 1 billion dogs on the planet and 25% of them are living in homes with companions. The remaining 75% are free ranging or feral. Simple mathematics tells us that there are 750 million dogs on the planet without …

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Ohio cop’s shooting of a golden retriever who approached him calls into question the police vetting process

The moment Dixie is shot by Officer Palmer

NEWS AND VIEWS-LORAIN, OHIO, USA: I have watched the relevant section of this viral video currently being extensively reported by the news media and I have come to the inevitable conclusion that the Ohio police department’s vetting procedure when employing new police officers is inadequate. There is no question in my mind that the …

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Described as a cat in a dog’s body. What breed is it?

The incredibly stubborn Husky

So, this companion animal groomer (the girl with the dogs) with a TikTok account has boldly and successfully – judging by the more than 10m views – claimed that a husky is a cat in a dog’s body by which she means they are ‘incredibly stubborn’ and hard to train. My research confirms it. …

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