Stray cats and dogs are well protected under Italian law

One of Rome's many stray cats and a member of a protected colony

It may surprise some people, as it has surprised me, that stray cats and dogs are given a lot of protection in Italy; far more than in most other countries. This probably shouldn’t surprise me because the stray cats – I’m loathe to call them feral cats because they appear to be semi-domesticated – …

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Conservative UK government allow animal testing for cosmetics after 25-year ban

Animal testing for cosmetics

NEWS AND OPINION: To compound their earlier failures particularly those of Liz Truss, the short-lived former Prime Minister, this dying conservative government has allowed the use of animal testing for cosmetics to protect the workers making the products after this form of animal testing was banned in the UK in 1998. The BBC reports …

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Relaxation of rules taking animals from Ukraine into adjacent and EU countries (March 2022)

PETA Germany at Ukraine Border Feb 2022

There is no need for refugees to abandon their companion animals when leaving Ukraine. We know that many Ukrainian women are fleeing with their companion animals and their children. They make their way to adjacent countries like Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. They struggle to get to these borders often carrying a cat or …

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EU’s bureaucratic pet transportation rules causing cats and dogs to be abandoned at border by Ukrainian refugees?

Moroccan medical student in Ukraine flees with his two cats without a carrier

NEWS AND COMMENT: Mercifully, it appears that the EU countries bordering the Ukraine have loosened their pet transportation/immigration requirements to prevent the abandonment of cats and dogs and other animals at the border. But the information is not entirely clear while the new arrangements are put in place. As up to 400,000 refugees are …

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Retrograde European Union demands animal tests on two cosmetics ingredients

Retrograde EU wants to animal test for cosmetics

NEWS AND COMMENT: The European Union through the European Chemicals Agency (ECA) have insisted that a German chemicals company, Symrise, conduct animal tests on two ingredients that are only used in cosmetics. They made this demand because of a set of EU rules concerning the registration, authorisation, evaluation and restriction of chemicals. It’s in …

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EU law says that cat owners must keep their pets inside

Arie Trouwborst, an environmental law specialist at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and Han Somsen, at the same university, say that European Union law insists that cat owners in Europe should keep the cats inside the home to protect wildlife. In any event, from the EU law perspective it is ultimately the result that …

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What do Americans think about the European Union’s statement that they support the right of domestic cats to freedom of movement?

Larry and Boris

You may have picked up on the claim by a couple of Dutch professors that European Union laws prevent cat owners allowing their cats to go outside except on a leash. The scientists’ argument is that free-roaming outside cats damage wildlife, particularly birds – the old, classic argument that we hear a lot. Incidentally, …

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