Discussion: Responsible TNR program or animal cruelty after kittens dumped in unfamiliar territory

Kitten TNR

There’s a situation taking place in Greenville, South Carolina that is turning the stomachs of cat lovers throughout the internet community. A TNR program designed to reduce the number of feral cats using the Community Cat Diversion Program offered through Greenville County Animal Care Services (GCACS) apparently isn’t what it seems. Young kittens are …

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Time is running out for the remaining feral cats at Laurel Heights subdivision in Mauldin

This is an update on the Mauldin, South Carolina feral colony who only have ten days left to find a new home. The community project to save them has proven successful to date. Only a few more homes are needed! You can help by sharing this article with cat advocates, especially those in the …

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New kitten nursery at Greenville shelter features adorable kittens available for fostering

Kitten being bottle fed

Greenville County Animal Care Services (GCACS), a kill shelter located in Upstate South Carolina, is well on its way to becoming no-kill. Their newest project is a brightly painted kitten nursery. The shelter takes in between 40 and 50 kittens per day. Many are orphans whose mom was either hit by a car or …

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Recent shelter article states “to boldly go where their discomfort level for change has never gone before”

Greenville county animal care

This link was sent to me about the new procedures taking place at Greenville County Animal Care in Upstate South Carolina. Please read over the information before continuing here. “To boldly go where their discomfort level for change has never gone before” definitely has those who follow this kill shelter experiencing a lot of …

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What does it mean when a rescue is asked to sign an Animal Welfare Agreement?

What does it mean when a rescue is asked to sign an Animal Welfare Agreement between their rescue and an animal shelter they “pull” (save cats and dogs) from? This question has come up since Greenville County Animal Care Services (GCACS) in Upstate South Carolina has asked the organizations who rescue from their facility …

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Does anyone know what’s going on with pregnant cats brought to Upstate kill shelter?

Update: Response from GCACS at the bottom of the article. Their defense is spaying a pregnant cat is much safer for the cat than carrying a litter to full term at the shelter or in foster care. A personal message conversation between a member of the cat advocacy community and Greenville County Animal Care …

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Lizzy’s saga continues: Loving owner dies and Foster Paws Rescue is there once again to save her

UPDATE: January 24 6:35 p.m. Lizzy is safely out of the shelter! This is a sad update on Lizzy, whose story you first read about on PoC back in November. Lizzy was found by a Good Samaritan in pitiful condition, and Foster Paws took her in under their wing, had her medical needs treated then …

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