Johnny Bullington of Critter Zappers should also be charged with theft as well as animal abandonment

A stretch near the 200 block of New Harrison Bridge Road in the Simpsonville area is pictured on April 10, 2019. A number of abandoned cats were found in this area in March, according to Greenville County Animal Control.

You have probably read the story of Johnny Bullington who owns and runs Critter Zappers. He was asked by some residents of the Cottages at Harrison Bridge, Greenville, USA to remove feral cats form the neighbourhood. He removed domestic cats … please continue reading

Rescuer stated ‘This cats owner called me and told me she was going to do something harmful to her cat and that he’d be found dead somewhere soon…’

cat rescued

This is an article I’m using the ‘copy and paste’ technique because it’s quite long. It’s an excellent example of how cat (and dog) rescues are treated on a daily basis when an irresponsible cat owner wants to get rid … please continue reading

Germany bans animal shelter adoptions in the run-up to Christmas

Promoting adoptions at Christmas from animal shelters

Arguably other countries should follow Germany’s example in banning adoptions from animal shelters in the run-up to Christmas to stop unwanted dogs and cats being dumped after the holidays. Is this a good idea? I think it is but others … please continue reading

600 animals living, dead and dying left behind in Hurricane Florence in Robeson County

Phil spokesperson for K9 Rescue

Robeson County, NC: 600 animals living, dead and dying left behind in Hurricane Florence: “Dogs tied to trees, chickens floating in water, dead horses, animals struggling to survive and taking their last breaths of air,” – Phil K9 Global Rescue … please continue reading

Hurricane Florence discussion: Should people who evacuated without their pets be charged with animal cruelty?

I was searching the internet for interesting Hurricane Florence animal rescue information when a statement caught my eye from the website. “The reality of depravity when humans are confronted with anomalies for which they had adequate prep-time yet still … please continue reading

Is abandoning a cat illegal?

Is it illegal to abandon a cat?

Is abandoning a cat illegal? Abandoning a cat is a form of cat abuse and it is being cruel to a cat both physically and quite possibly psychologically. Animal welfare laws protect cats from cruelty by people. Sometimes they specify abandonment as a cruel act and a crime. Therefore it is normally illegal to abandon a cat. please continue reading

Large number of animals seized after complaint of abandonment at mall pet store

A large number of animals were seized at West Edmonton Mall after a complaint of animal abandonment came into Edmonton Humane Society. A press release was issued February 27 with details about the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada animals now in their … please continue reading

Cat hoarder in Beaverton, Oregon is on the run after dead and seriously ill cats found abandoned

A cat hoarder in Beaverton, Oregon is on the run after being charged with first-degree animal neglect after dead and seriously ill cats were found abandoned. This case will be told mostly by “copy and paste” because I couldn’t improve … please continue reading

Allegations of animal abandonment at Industry City after 20 feral cats were relocated without food or shelter

According to an emailed statement by a New York Police Department (NYPD) representative, an investigation is currently underway by the Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad following allegations of animal abandonment at Industry City* after approximately 20 cats were removed from Sunset … please continue reading