INFOGRAPHIC Agenda-driven research claims women were the primary hunters in hunter-gatherer societies?

Agenda-driven research claims women were the primary hunters in hunter-gatherer societies?

RELATED: Quora deems picture of cat lying on back with legs splayed offensive My infographic summarises a dispute between two professors; one a Professor of Biology (Cara Wall-Scheffler) and the other a Professor of Anthropology (Vivek Venkataraman). Cara claims that in reviewing the accounts of anthropologists from the 1800s it was clear to her …

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Common sense explanation for why Turkish family walk on all fours

Ulas family walking on all fours due to balance issues and being trained by parents to walk like this

There is an interesting story circulating on news media on the Internet about a Turkish family walking on all fours. There’s been speculation that they’d regressed in time to a point in our evolution when we were not bipedal (walked upright). There are surprising photographs and video of the Ulas family in Turkey walking …

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In 1821, in the UK Parliament, there were howls of laughter about protecting cats

Illustration showing interior of House of Commons

Times have moved on substantially from 1821 in Britain. I think this was a time when the consequences of an era called The Enlightenment were being felt. Animal welfare in Britain was being discussed in Parliament perhaps for the first time. The first proposal for a law to prevent abuse of animals was a …

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Human-companion animal partnerships substituting conventional relationships

Woman and kitten

There is an overlap between parents caring for their baby/infant and humans caring for their cats and dogs. The infographic below summarises some of these overlapping aspects of the relationship. There is a trend, too, in developed countries to adopt a pet over having a baby! Pope Francis, the current Pope, doesn’t like it …

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