Andean mountain cat might use its decaying faeces to keep warm

Andean mountain cat set against the Andes

The Andean mountain cat is quite well known nowadays thanks to the Internet but scientifically speaking there’s more to know about this small wild cat species that looks a little like a domestic tabby cat. They live, as the name implies, in the high plains of the Andean Mountains where it is bitterly cold …

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Tough new animal welfare rules in Spain under the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Welfare of Animals

Tough new animal welfare laws in Spain

Spain has introduced what I would consider to be tough new animal welfare laws under the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Welfare of Animals. The law is controversial and I can understand why. It is tougher than animal welfare laws in the UK which is known to have some of the …

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In 1821, in the UK Parliament, there were howls of laughter about protecting cats

Illustration showing interior of House of Commons

Times have moved on substantially from 1821 in Britain. I think this was a time when the consequences of an era called The Enlightenment were being felt. Animal welfare in Britain was being discussed in Parliament perhaps for the first time. The first proposal for a law to prevent abuse of animals was a …

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New Manatee County ordinance protects cats. All American counties should have a similar law.

Lucee (believed)

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a good law. It is a law that was required in Manatee County and which arguably is required anywhere. Community cats or cats without a home but which are cared for by volunteers can, in some people’s eyes, be regarded as pests. And the law sometimes regards them as …

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UK woman warns cat owners to be vigilant after she caught 2 men chasing her cat with a net

cat chased with net

A Croft, Leicestershire (UK) woman is warning cat owners to be vigilant about their outdoor cats after returning home on August 11 to find two men with nets chasing her cat with a net. The woman lives on Broughton Road with her daughter. She wishes to remain anonymous and I can’t blame her since …

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Best and worst US states for animals

The data applies to 2012 and has been compiled on the quality of the animal protection laws in the 50 states based on a range of criteria. The assessment did not take into account the enforcement of the law. However where there is good animal protection laws there should be good legislators; politicians who …

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