Staffordshire panther picture is a FAKE photo-edited picture with a fake history

The photo edited and the original picture side-by-side

The documentary filmmakers making the film Panthera Britannia Declassified about big cats in the UK countryside are relying heavily on a recently unearthed archive photograph stored at a facility called the Centre of Fortean Zoology. The assistant director of the facility, Carl Marshall, is very excited about the photograph. He said that it is …

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Tweet claims a group of Chinese guys are killing cats in food blenders (and microwaves?)

"Man killing cats For more information search for Kediyi Mikrodalga on Google."

This is the tweet using shorthand language: “Someone needs 2 do smt abt this, #CatBlender there will be a group of Chinese guys going live tomorrow and they’re planning on hurting and killing multiple cats in brutal ways, if there’s any way we could stop this please boost ‼️‼️ This is the video: This …

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The Scotsman online newspaper peddles misinformation about cat breeds

The Scotsman provide fake information on the cat breeds

I have to mention this as it is a genuine problem for animal welfare. The Scotsman online newspaper decided a while ago to publish articles about cat breeds without knowing a thing about them. And so, they make it all up to try and increase readership numbers. Cynical clickbait crap. Ironically the header to …

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False claim that Amazon sprays its packaging with toxic pesticides harmful to cats

Untrue claim that Amazon boxes are sprayed with a pesticide which can harm domestic cats when they sit in them or chew them

NEWS AND COMMENT: Today, there is an image including words on Facebook, as a post, which is a warning to cat owners about Amazon cardboard boxes. It’s a claim that Amazon sprays all boxes with toxic pesticides to kill warehouse rodents (see comment at base of page). These chemicals, they claim, are dangerous to …

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Study on domestic cats used to denigrate them

Unhelpful and aloof domestic cat?

A lot of news media have reported on a study, as I have, about domestic cats in which there were compared to domestic dogs. The conclusion of the study was that domestic cats do not evaluate third parties who interact with the companion animals’ owners. To be more specific, if a person interacts with …

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YouTube film-makers are staging kitten rescues for money

Kitten trapped inside a piece of cast-iron drainpipe

YouTube film-makers are staging kitten rescues for money and pretending that the rescue is genuine. You can make quite a lot of money out of a successful YouTube video through Google AdSense adverts. In fact, you can make a living out of it. But the marketplace is very competitive. It is hard to create …

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Disturbing fake letter claiming City Council is conducting a feral cat eradication program

Fake Feral cat eradication program distributed to residents of Townsville, Australia.

Townsville, Australia: somebody has distributed a fake letter through the letterboxes of residents claiming that the city council is carrying out a feral cat baiting and trapping program on Bushland Beach. The letter states that because there is no room in animal shelters, the feral cats will be trapped by baiting and then killed. …

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