Extra pollution from EV tyre wear undermines the electric car revolution

Tyre wear undermines EV revolution

This article is ultimately about cats and their welfare because they breathe the same air that we breathe. Pollution inside the home can be worse than outside. Urban-dwelling full-time indoor cats might be breathing in polluted air that their owners are unaware of. This is a hidden health issue which can come home to …

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New evidence linking dementia and pollution so think about your full-time indoor cat companion

New evidence linking dementia and air pollution. We should think of both ourselves as cat caregivers and our full-time indoor cats

This is an article about feline dementia and the possible causes. I’m going to knit together several strands of information. Firstly, I want to refer to a new study which provides evidence that there is a link between dementia and pollution. Obviously, the study is about humans but it must also be about companion …

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Most wood-burner owners don’t realise they are harmful with kids and cats the most vulnerable

Wood burning stoves look great but they are harmful but most owners don't realise it

Pretty well everybody loves the look of a wood-burning stove in the living room. There’s nothing really better to make it homely and visually appealing. For a long time they surged in popularity for this reason. But they are harmful. RELATED: Britons turn to log burning to cut bills but how safe is this …

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Paris Council will subsidise pet health insurance

Parish Council will subsidise pet health insurance for the cats and dogs of Paris

The administrators of Paris, France, have decided to introduce a council-sponsored scheme to subsidize the health insurance of cats and dogs living in the city. It’s believed to be a world first. It will greatly reduce the cost because it is believed that pets are particularly vulnerable in the City of Light. It is …

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Are perfumes toxic to cats?

Perfume toxic to cats?

More work is need by appropriately qualified scientists and veterinarians to answer the question in the title properly as there is a scarcity on information on this. But there is some available information on the internet and the general conclusion is that perfume can be toxic to cats. Certain perfumes containing allergens may cause …

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Britons turn to log burning to cut bills but how safe is this for domestic cats?

Cat in front of a wood burning stove

The hot off the press news today is that Britons are turning to log burning stoves to heat their homes as a way to get around the high cost of energy due to Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. We are told that tradespeople installing clean logs stoves are working flat out to meet …

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Are ionizers safe for cats?

Ionic air purifier and cat

There is a questionmark over whether ionizers are safe for cats. Ionic air purifiers produce negative ions. The negatively charged ions attract positively charged particles such as dust and other allergens which cleans the air because the combined particle is more easily trapped by the air purifier’s filters and they also fall to the …

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Are there tiny plastic particles inside our cats?

Plastic inside our bodies

NEWS AND VIEWS: The Times reports today that plastic pollution has been detected inside the human body. My initial thought was if humans have plastic deep inside their bodies because they are ingesting foods which contains plastic then what about our pets; our cats and dogs? The original source of the food is the …

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