Troubling conspiracy theory about Purina pet food poisoning cats and dogs in US

Dr Judy on video on her YouTube channel talking about this pet food problem

This is a confusing story. Some mainline news media outlets are carrying the story that, in America, Purina pet food and indeed pet food from other manufacturers is, it seems, poisoning pets but they can’t pin down which particular pet food is responsible. As mentioned, Purina appears to come up as the main culprit …

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Mail Online’s clickbait title about domestic cat zoonoses is irresponsible

Mail Online clickbait article gets it wrong on zoonoses affecting domestic cats

I like the Mail Online because they do have some good cat articles to encourage me to write but this one from the deputy health editor in America, Alexa Lardieri, is irresponsible and should not have been written. The title states that pet cats are a ‘major harborer of deadly diseases’ and that cats …

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Praising a dedicated female veterinarian who walked 3 miles through icy, snowy conditions to treat a very ill cat

Dr Nicole Martin

NEWS AND COMMENT: There is always a time to praise something really good in the cat world. Over the years I have criticised veterinarians but also praised them. My criticism for American veterinarians is nearly always over declawing and is therefore entirely justified 🤔. But in this instance, Dr. Nicole Martin of the Caldwell …

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck argue over poop and have hired Poop 911 to pick it up

Jeniffer Lopez and Ben Affleck argue over dog poop and have hired Poop 911 to pick it up

I’ll start with mentioning Poop 911. I had never heard of them until I read about the slight friction over poop between this high-profile couple: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck who now live together. Apparently, they had an on-off relationship but it’s now on and they live in a nice big house somewhere in …

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Abu Dhabi’s animal welfare laws should be used to punish those who abandoned 140 cats in the desert

Abu Dhabi animal shelter at al Falah

NEWS AND OPINION: There is a story circulating in the news media recently about 140 cats being dumped in a desert lot in the capital Abu Dhabi which is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). An interesting and worrying aspect of the story is that the cats were abandoned across the highway from …

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Animal rescuers refused access to site of Hawaiian fire to find surviving cats

This is one cat which survived the Hawaiian wildfires on the island of Maui

Animal rescue groups on the Hawaiian island of Maui are being refused access to the disaster zone to search for surviving cats. The report comes from the Daily Mail in the UK. They say that it is an exclusive. Animal rescue groups are insistent that pet cats are still hiding out in Lahaina wreckage …

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Picture of black domestic cat versus genuine black panther in profile debunks the mystery big cat sightings

Comparing in profile the black domestic cat and the genuine black panther

Several times each year the news media jump all over a mysterious black panther prowling around the British countryside tearing livestock to pieces. A lot of the time it is news media fiction – clickbait as it is a slow news day – but sometimes amateur observers genuinely believe that they’ve seen a black …

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