Sighting of very rare golden tiger in Indian reserve signals inbreeding and poor conservation

Rare mutant golden tiger in the wild in a tiger reserve in Assam, India which signals inbreeding and poor conservation to the point where the species is jeopardised in the wild.

The golden tiger is described as a “mutant” by Sarah Hartwell. They are the result of the “expression of recessive (hidden) genes [which] show up when there is too much inbreeding”. It takes inbreeding for the golden tiger to be created and this individual was spotted in the Assam Kaziranga National Park and Tiger …

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What is the black cat personality?

Charlie my cat

I’ve been doing some research on black cat personality and it is striking to report that their personality is almost diametrically opposed to the diabolical image that they have thanks to their association with witches in the Middle Ages. I can refer to at least three good sources on black cat personality which I …

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Long-haired feral cats are rarely seen in feral colonies

Feeding a feral cat colony

Why is it that we rarely see long-haired feral cats in feral cat colonies? Or have I missed something? I’ll have to keep this brief because there is not much to say unless somebody can add to the article in an enlightened comment. Long-haired domestic cats are quite popular. There are some very popular …

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