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Inbreeding depression

Inbreeding depression cause and effect

“Inbreeding depression” is a euphemism for a general lack of health in an individual purebred cat which has been selectively bred (using artificial selection) for appearance, which automatically incorporates inbreeding. Cat breeders often have...

Chocolate coloured cat

Are brown cats rare?

To answer the question, I believe that it is sensible to divide the domestic cat world into two categories: purebred and non-purebred cats (moggies). That’s because there is a distinct difference when answering the...

The defective whiskers of a hairless cat

Why do cat whiskers break?

This is a question thrown up by the Google search engine. Cats’ whiskers do not normally break. They fall out and a replacement is grown but they don’t break unless, in an otherwise healthy...

Woolly cheetah

Woolly Cheetah

The woolly cheetah no longer exists. They were shot rather than captured. If the woolly cheetah was a different species of cheetah we will never know. When they were in existence some people thought...

Midas a female cat with 2 normal ears and 2 extra ear flaps

4-eared cats have 2 functioning ears

It’s a point worth making. Domestic cats with 4 ears have 2 functioning ears. The extra pair, which are smaller than the original functioning ears, are, in fact, a pair of ear flaps (pinnae)....

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