Road traffic stopped in deference to magnificent, sauntering tiger

Traffic stops on main road in Maharashtra to let tiger cross

The manual traffic lights signal green for Bengal tiger to cross the main road. The tweet by Parveen Kaswan, a wildlife officer in India, explains it all. It is a very nice video of a magnificent tiger crossing the main road in what is believed to be Maharashtra. An official at opposite sides of …

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Tiger attack – tigers tend to avoid people

There is a good amount of misleading information written about the tiger attack. It is something that tends to get sensationalised by journalists. And amongst the large wild cats such as the puma, leopard and lion, there are more attacks by tigers than for the others. This is probably why the tiger is written …

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Javan tiger – extinct due to human-tiger conflict

Javan tiger

The Javan tiger is extinct but its close neighbour the Sumatran tiger is not (estimated 441 to 679 individuals as at 2008). The Javan tiger’s scientific name is Panthera tigris ssp. sondaica. The islands of Java and Sumatra are separated by 15 miles of water. The Sumatran tiger, though, is heading towards extinction if …

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Asians who eat tiger penis soup do so because they are anxious

Tiger penis soup

The eating of tiger body parts including the tiger’s penis by some people and cultures in Asian is a consequence of their anxiety. It’s a superstition which helps to reduce anxiety and therefore there is a placebo, mental health benefit but it is the only one. It allows the person eating the soup to …

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Man-eating tigers in India 2020

There are man-eating tigers in India in 20201. This doesn’t surprise me seeing as the population of India has climbed from 238 million in 1900 to 1.4 billion in 2020 despite a massive decline in the tiger population in that country over the same period. In 1900 it is believed that there were 100,000 …

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