Award-winning journalist badly hurt by a domestic cat she was rescuing

Otherwise calm, nicely behaved domestic cats can attack when scared and defensively aggressive

NEWS AND VIEWS: As I buy The Times daily, I know of Carol Midgely. As well as being a columnist for The Times she occasionally helps out at her friend’s animal rescue charity. That’s nice. It tells me that she is a decent person. She went to the home of a recently deceased elderly …

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New Zealand’s junior school kids love to shoot cats for prize money

New Zealand kids shooting feral cats for prize money

NEWS AND COMMENT (Opinion): Will you be as disgusted as I am having read this article? I hope so as it is a failure in child care and inherently cruel. It is about asking kids to engage in potentially criminal activity. It is that bad. The North Canterbury Hunting Competition of New Zealand has …

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Putin’s PR stunt with a Siberian tiger caused the tiger’s death

Putin fits a tracker to the over tranquillised Siberian tiger that died when returned to a zoo

We know that Putin is obsessed with looking like a macho man. It is part of his attempts to look like a strong, imperialist leader. And he has taken many opportunities to polish this image such as riding horseback topless and playing with big cats. He’s said to be an animal lover but is …

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Middletown family’s domestic cat mistakenly euthanized


NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): the story comes from Middletown, USA and is told in the video just below this paragraph by Steve Mago. He tells it movingly. He and his family loved this gray cat who they found in his detached garage and adopted him. They named him Mush and they loved him perhaps …

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Not guilty: Edmonton Humane Society employee on trial for leaving three cats in a van for three weeks

Case paperwork showing on of the cats

EDMONTON, CANADA: You may remember this case from spring 2018. It was quite high profile at the time and was treated as a serious event by the Humane Society resulting in Mariah Berini being charged with causing or permitting animals to be in distress under the Animal Protection Act and failing to provide adequate …

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Spanish authorities have poisoned companion animals and wildlife with street disinfectant against coronavirus

Poisoned by disinfectant against coronavirus in Spain

SPAIN – NEWS/OPINION: It’s been reported that local authorities governing the Costa Del Sol and Costa Blanca areas have sprayed disinfectant solutions against the coronavirus whilst apparently being unaware that it is highly toxic to dogs, cats and other wildlife. Is it also dangerous to humans? It almost certainly is. It’s been reported that …

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