Impose strict proactive rules to solve the feral cat problem

Proactively solving the feral cat problem worldwide through strict liability laws and tougher punishments

Over many years, the experts and the websites have discussed the so-called “feral cat problem”. This is the procreation of domestic cats that become unwanted and which procreate in the wild and create feral cats. The root cause of this problem is unsatisfactory cat ownership. Once you don’t neuter and spay cats and they …

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Can you keep a cat that you find in a plastic bag in a garbage bin in a public place?

Legal ownership of a rescued cat

The answer to the question in the title might, under some circumstances, be tricky but I’m going to try and simplify it. If you find a cat that has CLEARLY been thrown away i.e. abandoned, in a cruel way because you find the cat in a plastic bag in a garbage bin in a …

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Owners care more about their dogs than their cats (new survey)

Cat and dog and owner

REPORTING ON A STUDY TOGETHER WITH MY OPINION: For a long time, I have known that, in general, owners care more about their dogs than their cats. This is apparent because people spend more money on veterinary treatment for dogs and cats. And the difference is quite marked. This study confirms what I’d thought …

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Does a pet microchip prove legal ownership?

Bob the cat is all over the news!

The details on a microchip inserted into a cat or dog do not prove unquestionably that the person stated in those details is the legal owner of the dog or cat concerned. Although, the details provide good evidence that the owner is as stated in the microchip details. To stress, though, they are not …

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Minimum age for cat or dog ownership UK and USA?

There’s a very different approach to youngsters owning cats in the United States and in the United Kingdom. In the latter the law is spelled out in a section of the country’s main animal welfare law: A person commits an offence if he sells an animal to a person whom he has reasonable cause …

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How to create a lifelong bond with your cat

Make your cat happy for a close bond

There are two ways, as I see it, of creating a lifelong bond with your cat. They refer to a couple of different scenarios. This is not some sort of mysterious, magical system. It is applied common sense. Make your cat happy I have written about making your cat happy before (link to article). …

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Common illnesses affecting UK domestic cats are almost completely preventable

Baloo with one of the technicians

The top 6 diseases affecting domestic cats in the UK are listed in the table below. FELINE DISEASE PERCENTAGE OF CATS SUFFERING Gum disease 15.23 Obesity 11.58 General dental disease 9.23 Overgrown nails 5.23 Flea infestation 5.07 Heart murmur 4.44 Table showing the top 6 domestic cat diseases in the UK from a “random …

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