Energetic cleaning routine for caretaker of 6 cats to remove smells

Cleaning routine for a 6 cat home requires energy to keep the smells down

Well, folks, for those who fancy living in a home with multiple cats, this cleaning routine from a lady who I believe lives in the UK living with six cats, may help. It may help in providing a reality check on the energy and commitment needed to manage the home properly. And it only …

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3 HEPA filters, 2 robotic vacuum cleaners, 1 Dyson, 1 Litter Robot, 5 cats and 2 dogs

Multi-pet and multi-equipment to keep down the odours and hair

I think you might have got the message from the title. This is the home of a person who has five cats and two dogs. They like to keep the home clean and odour free. In order to achieve this goal, the person, a Reddit.com user, has the following equipment: They were responding to …

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Why a robotic vacuum cleaner might be better than a standard one for a cat owner

Cat rides on a vacuum cleaner

This point has not been discussed as far as I am aware. The potential problem came to me this morning. We know that nearly all domestic cats are frightened of vacuum cleaners because of the noise they make. To a domestic cat they can look like a hostile, noisy predator. And pushing the vacuum …

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