Is cat euthanasia ALWAYS painless?

I am asking the question whether euthanising a cat with sodium pentobarbital is genuinely painless

We, the cat owning public, are told that cat euthanasia is always painless. It is guaranteed. It is a humane way to say goodbye to your cat. But is it always humane and painless? When you dig around a bit you come up with the answer NO. One veterinarian, Paul, confidently states on their …

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Has your cat been traumatised by a visit to the vet?

Vet with cat. The way it should be.

I was reading a section by Dr. Desmond Morris in his book Catlore and he suggested that sometimes domestic cats bite the hand that strokes them because of a traumatic experience they’ve had in the past and one example might be a visit to a veterinarian. Morris suggests that sometimes veterinarians, being fearful of …

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Great videos of a veterinarian being patient with patients to gain their trust

Vet takes time to gain his patients' trust

Dr. Thomas Hamilton has become a celebrity vet because he does something which few other veterinarians do. He takes more than the usual amount of time to gain the trust of the animal patients that he treats; he bucks the normal trend. Veterinarians are under pressure to process their patients as quickly as possible. …

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Restraining a domestic cat: passive restraint vs. full-body restraint vs. scruff restraint vs. clipnosis

Passive restraint (a) versus full-body restraint (b) versus scruff restraint (c) versus clipnosis (d)

There are four recognise ways of restraining a domestic cat normally at a veterinary clinic. These are: (a) Passive restraint; (b) Full-body restraint; (c) Scruff restraint and (d) Clipnosis. The picture below shows the four types. Type (d) might require a brief explanation as you might not be familiar with the word ‘clipnosis’. It …

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‘Clipnosis’ meaning


‘Clipnosis’ is a veterinarians’ made-up word (I believe). It contains the word “clip” followed by “-osis” which means a process or condition. The letter ‘n’ just makes it sound better. It is, then, a word made up of two parts which means the process of clipping and in this instance clipping means applying a …

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Veterinarians should use their brains and not fight cats

Veterinarians told to not fight cats in consulting rooms

This tweet has gone viral and you can see why. It is both amusing and wise. It is advice provided, I am guessing, from a veterinary association or head vet, which states under “Handling: General considerations”: “The cat is faster and has sharper teeth and nails than you do. It has no “code of …

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