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Clumping Litter Killed My Cat
I had the pleasure of owning a British Shorthair Cat for 4 years. He was a real gentleman and very smart as well.

I have lost my cat to cancer, after …

Is the British Shorthair prone to depression when left alone?
I ‘rescued’ Sasha from a pet store. He was 7 1/2 months old and when he first came home he would hop like a rabbit. I thought something was wrong but …

Ascot, Here We Come!
My cats are Tuppence, an eight-year-old blue BS female, and Eric the Red, a six-month-old rescued street urchin.

I was sitting and reading when I suddenly …

Russian British Shorthair Cat
I love the British Shorthair! I love them for their beauty, charm, strength and grace. They have a wonderful temperament and are self-sufficient.

Their …

British Shorthair Dies Undergoing Routine Surgery
My almost 7 months old British Shorthair died yesterday while having a routine spaying surgery.

My family is devastated, its a horrible tragedy for …

Gahan: My Lovely British Longhair
Hi Michael, Let me introduce Gahan, my gorgeous 5-month-old British Longhair. He is named after my favourite British singer and his black fur does look …

British Shorthair boys washing each other after breakfast
This is a picture of my lilac and cream boys (half-brothers), born 2 months apart.

The picture was taken a few months ago, they are now 16 and 14 …

British Shorthair Prudence
This is my lovely girl Prudence, (Pru for short). She has been living with me since last November.

Pru was an ex-breeding queen & is now six years old….

Twinkie “The Destroyer”
Twinkie is a 7-month-old Blue Cream brit, who loves everyone, has a quiet yet ‘pushy’ curiosity, a tiny little voice (she ‘grunts’ more than she meows)…

Albert: My British Shorthair
Albert was born in England (UK) almost 4 years ago. He was brought as a kitty by an Englishwoman (who was the previous owner) to Arizona. The owner sold …

Advice Please on Breeding British Shorthair Cats
I live in Cheshire and bought two British Blue kittens from a local breeder. They are both girls. One is called Tallulah and the other Bluebella. They …

My British shorthair cat
My British Shorthair cat named ChaoChao came from Moscow, Russian Federation together with Tracy, my English Cocker Spaniel.

Chao is a bubbly, lovable …

Our Wonderful British Blue Lucky
Eighteen and a half years ago, my wife and I took our sons to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to pick up our cat from a British Shorthair breeder. When she …

This is my cat Gucci, who is 1 yrs old and he is a very loving cat who is a big part in our family. I have 2 daughters who are 11 yrs old & 4 yrs old who …

Molly our British Shorthair
Molly our British Shorthair is particularly lovely. Very playful although she is 9, and also very loving. She enjoys the company of humans and will follow …

British Shorthairs Florence and Pruenella
I have 2 British shorthair cats and they are sisters who are just over the age of two. I had never owned a cat before and after some research we decided …

British Shorthair Health
As mentioned, British Shorthair health is generally good. This page is an addendum to health issues mentioned on the main British Shorthair cat page . Two …

“Violets” British Shorthairs in South Africa
Hi….My name is Alan Edwards. I am a Southern Africa Cat Council “all-breed” judge and also “a-b” for the World Cat Federation. I have been breeding …

Alfie! My British Shorthair Cat
I went to my first cat show and this is the picture you took of not only mine but my kitten’s first show! He is now a PR. This picture of him is at 5 months!…

Zenith the Rehabilitator!
My partner and I went to a shelter to get two kittens. One was a lovely black and white short haired domestic/moggie which my partner called Zenith. The …

Our Brit Female is Named Velvet
I began volunteering November 08 at a local animal shelter and a major part of the duties includes socializing the cats. Velvet had been there since October….

My British Shorthair Nico
My British Shorthair, Nico, was a rescue cat from a horrible pet shop. Nico was already 6 months old and had grown up alone in a small cage before we …

Chester & Bailey Not rated yet
I bought a Blue Point British Shorthair last year and he is so gorgeous, and about 6 weeks later, from the same breeder we bought a Blue Self, we wanted …

Our Dickie Not rated yet
Not sure how old he is,was given him about 4 years ago, he loves dogs, but not other cats.

Hi : Thanks for showing us Dickie. I have lightened the …

Dibbs our Blue British Shorthair Not rated yet
We have a blue boy called Dibbs. He is just delightful. We are thinking of getting another boy. How well will they live together? Dibbs is 3 1/2 months …

British Longhair Cat Not rated yet
The British Longhair cat is a rare cat. Helmi Flick has just sent me some pictures of a simply beautiful cat of this breed, Robyn, and as usual Helmi …

British Shorthair cat – Breeders – clubs

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British Shorthairs
Located in White Plains NY, USA.

Benfields British Shorthair cats
Located in Severna park, Maryland, USA.

Empire of Glamour Cattery
Small breeders specialized in British Shorthair Blue, Cream, Lilac, Lilac&Cream and Blue & Cream. Located in Chàteauguay (QC), Canada.

Located in South Woodford, London, E18 1DR, run by Laura Cooper
Small breeder specializing in Blue, Lilac, Cream, and Blue/Cream. Black and Tortie sometimes available.

Located UK – Lasham, East Hampshire. J6 M3 or A31/A339 Basingstoke to Alton

A very old and venerable cat club needs to be mentioned as well. This is a club calling itself “Short-haired Cat Society“. This was formerly called the “Short Haired Cat Society and Manx Club”. They are the first pedigree cat club in the world for native shorthaired cats. They were formed in 1901, the early days of the cat fancy and are still going. They are a founder member of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) the premier cat association in the UK. The purpose of the club at its formation was to champion the British Shorthair cat. They are now involved in more cat breeds.

British Shorthair Cat

This is Teddy, my 8 month old BS and I loooooove him to bits. He’s so lively and playful and loves rolling on his back ever since he was a tiny kitten and having his tummy tickled. I can’t imagine life without my little Teddy…Anne (London, UK)

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Photograph of cat taken in the late 1800s. The copyright is taken as being expired due to effluxion of time. If this can be established to be incorrect it will be removed quickly.

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  1. Earl Grey’s full name is Laziblues Earl Grey, and he still lives with us as part of our Laziblues Cattery family. He was not named after tea, but after the British Prime Minister who lifted the embargo on tea, and allowed a more cheap tea to enter the UK market.
    Love his pictures as a baby here. Thank you Helmi!

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