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White cat with amputated ears because of cancer

How rare are white cats?

About 3 percent of cats are white. However, the question needs to apply to domestic and stray cats outside of the pedigree cat population. This is because cat breeders sometimes selectively breed white cat,...

Deaf Fabulous White Maine Coon Show Cat

Why are domestic cats white?

The question effectively asks why cats are white all over. It is because they have a dominant gene symbolised by the letter W which removes pigment from the hair strands. It does this by...

White cat in the snow

Do white cats feel the cold more?

White cats shouldn’t feel the cold more on dull, grey winter days but they may be slightly colder than other cats with darker coats in cold, bright weather (the sun is out) when they...

Mikey a deaf white cat

Do white cats have a shorter life span?

There is no direct reason why white cats should have shorter lifespan. Although white cats can be deaf and have odd-eye color. The deafness makes the white cat more vulnerable outside. However, I am sure nearly all owners of deaf, white cats keep them inside. Therefore I’d argue that there is no reason why white cats should have a shorter lifespan than average.

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