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Graph showing decrease in feline aggression with use of Feliway diffuser compared to placebo

Does Feliway work?

Yes, Feliway works. Feliway is a well known synthetic cheek-pheromone spray which it is claimed has proved effective in double-blind studies. It is used to treat problems rooted in anxiety in domestic cats such...

Cat calming combo of products

Calming your cat: Combining 3 products

This is a cat calming combo of three commercially available products which may help your cat get through a particularly stressful moment in their lives. Chronic stress should be dealt with by eliminating the cause of the stress.

Cat Pheromone

Making the place more friendly by Michael (London, UK) Nepetalactone – cat attractant It would seem that cat pheromones are in cat scent (see below) – there is an overlap. Cats like to exchange...

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