How Siamese cats change their colours

Siamese cats should have vivid blue eyes as per the cat associations' breed standards

First a short introduction. Although the history of the Siamese cat in the West is somewhat vague, it would seem with some certainty that a certain Mrs Vyvyan of Dover, UK acquired some of the first Siamese cats in the West. Of course, they came from Siam (now Thailand) ostensibly from the King’s Palace …

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Can an indoor cat get worms?

Parasitic worm

Yes, is the answer to the question. Please read on. This is a complete page. The question asks whether a full-time indoor cat can become infested with parasitic worms which are called endoparasites. And the answer must be that they can but the chances of them becoming infested must be significantly lower than if …

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Infographic on roundworm transmission, cure and prevention

Roundworm the most common in domestic cats

“Roundworms (Toxascaris leonina and Toxocara cati) are the most common intestinal parasite of cats, with an estimated prevalence of 25% to 75%, and often higher in kittens” – Cornell. That says it all. Very common disease in young cats particularly on my understanding and endoparasites can be fatal in young, vulnerable kittens. Indoor/outdoor cats, …

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Hookworm life cycle – 2 charts and background information


The hookworm life cycle is set out below in a chart. I also have a page on deworming cat treatments and a page on cat parasites. Several species of hookworm can infect domestic cats. They are blood sucking endoparasites and one species, the most common in the USA can cause serious blood loss in …

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Prevalence of internal parasites in North American domestic cats

Prevalence of endoparasites affecting North American domestic cats

The prevalence of endoparasites (internal parasites) affecting domestic cat in North America interests me, and it might (just) interest other cat owners too. America is the dominant domestic cat region and therefore they lead the world in terms of information on domestic cat ownership. This makes America the starting point, in my mind, when …

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95% of stray cats have worms and 57% scavenge potentially life-threatening refuse

Stray cat Australia

AUSTRALIA: A study published in 2020 highlights two major health problems concerning stray cats, namely parasites and the quality of the food that they eat. Stray cats are not feral cats. They are domestic cats that have strayed from their home for one reason or another. They might have got lost for instance. They …

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Two most effective deworming treatments for cats

A good source tells me that the two most effective deworming medications are (1) praziquantel + pyrantel and (2) fenbendazole. These drugs are effective in treating ascarids, hookworms and tapeworms. They are effective broad spectrum deworming drugs. Not all deworming drugs are effective across the various species of parastic worm found in cats. As …

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