Male Siberian tiger kills another male Siberian tiger and his keeper to be with a female

Siberian tiger at South African wildlife park kills keeper and another male Siberian tiger to mate with female Siberian tiger

NEWS AND COMMENTS-SOUTH AFRICA: A big cat keeper has been killed by a Siberian tiger at a wildlife park in South Africa. The Siberian tiger, Jasper, also killed another Siberian tiger and his objective was to be with a female. An electric fence had been switched off for repair. Jasper was able, therefore, to …

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Graphic Video: Man killed by tiger bite to head and neck trying to avoid zoo entrance charge

Tiger attack at Chinese Zoo

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO. This was a New Year family outing to a zoo that went horribly wrong and the reason was a bizarre decision by the head of the family, Mr Zhang, to try and avoid the zoo’s entrance fee by climbing over two ten-foot-high walls which landed him in the tiger enclose where …

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USA: Captive Wild Cat Crisis

There is the bizarre phenomenon of an excess of captive wild cats in the USA and a decreasing number of wild cat species in the wild in Asia and other parts of the world. Perhaps it is not bizarre but simply a symptom of human meddling. We know that there are too many domestic …

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