Tiger attack – tigers tend to avoid people

There is a good amount of misleading information written about the tiger attack. It is something that tends to get sensationalised by journalists. And amongst the large wild cats such as the puma, leopard and lion, there are more attacks by tigers than for the others. This is probably why the tiger is written …

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Male Siberian tiger kills another male Siberian tiger and his keeper to be with a female

Siberian tiger at South African wildlife park kills keeper and another male Siberian tiger to mate with female Siberian tiger

NEWS AND COMMENTS-SOUTH AFRICA: A big cat keeper has been killed by a Siberian tiger at a wildlife park in South Africa. The Siberian tiger, Jasper, also killed another Siberian tiger and his objective was to be with a female. An electric fence had been switched off for repair. Jasper was able, therefore, to …

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How do tigers react to humans?

Tiger in a reserve in India

I think that you have to answer the question in the title in the context of the circumstances. I’m thinking of tigers in the wild and in captivity. However, the underlying factor which dictates how tigers react to humans is their character. In regards to the human-tiger relationship, tigers prefer to avoid people and …

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