Foreign type and Oriental type in the cat fancy (infographic)

Chocolate Siamese is an Oriental type
Foreign type and Oriental type in the cat fancy.
Foreign and Oriental types

Photos: top left and bottom right: copyright Helmi Flick. The other two are in the public domain as assessed.

Cat swallowed a sewing needle

Cat swallows sewing needle

The video shows the removal of the sewing needle from the back of a cat’s mouth by a veterinarian. Hard to watch. Some of the comments indicate that I am not alone in that regard e.g., “someone tell me he’s okay. I can’t watch this.” The owner said: “I’m one of the owners, his …

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Hair bobbles (hair ties) are dangerous to cats as too often they like to ingest them

Nero and Lucy the vet who removed the hair ties. Eleven in all with an endoscope. Image: Westway Veterinary Group.

I’ve decided after a quick search on the Internet to declare to the world that hair bobbles are very dangerous objects from the domestic cat’s point of view. It’s a product which is very useful to humans but a product which is very dangerous to cats. A clash of two different worlds. This kind …

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New hazard to domestic cats: Nerf darts

There is a new domestic cat hazard on the block and it is Nerf darts. Anybody interested in providing high quality cat caregiving needs to be aware of this problem. If you live with a domestic cat companion and have children this is a genuine hazard to your cat. There are some horrendous stories …

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Scotch tape is a household hazard for domestic cats

Quincy a cat addicted to eating tape

I didn’t know it because I’ve never seen my cat try to eat Scotch tape i.e. transparent, one-sided tape that we all use, but too many cats like to sniff it, chew it and even eat it. Why do they do this? And is it dangerous? Well, you can answer the latter question very …

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WARNING: disposable plastic gloves are a potential hazard to domestic cats

Disposable gloves a potential hazard to domestic cats

This story from Philadelphia about a cat called Foxxy is a lesson to all cat guardians to make sure that disposable plastic gloves, which are used much more at present due to the coronavirus pandemic, need to be disposed of quickly after use because they appear to pose a hazard to some domestic cats. …

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