Is this the first prosecution under the Big Cat Public Safety Act?

Jaguar carb traded illegally in the US and the alleged perpetrators have been arrested for violating the Big Cat Public Safety Act

Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) fame was the prime mover and shaker in bringing into the world the Big Cat Public Safety Act. It is an act with bans ownership of big cats in the USA. It was much needed as there was a lot of tiger and lion cub abuse at …

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Infographic on making zoos better places for big cats

Tiger at a zoo

This is a compact infographic on making zoos better places for big cats. Many zoos in the West and developed countries have almost certainly adopted these techniques and more but we don’t have to look far to find abysmal zoos in developing countries which are frankly examples of animal cruelty where big cats pace …

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Carole Baskin to close Big Cat Rescue (BCR) in Florida and sell the land

Carole Baskin

NEWS AND COMMENT – FLORIDA, USA: This is a cool development in the history of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) in Florida. It is the next logical stage in its history it seems to me. As Carole Baskin so brilliantly and successful campaigned for the Big Cat Safety Act (BCPSA) which prohibits unlicensed people from …

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How much do white tigers cost (and more)?

How much do white tigers cost?

They used to cost around $50,000 each in the USA (1992). I have seen various prices from $40,000 to $65,000. However, things have changed dramatically in the USA, the home of the captive white tiger. The Big Cat Public Safety Act, promoted by Carole Baskin (BCR), has banned the private ownership of wild cats …

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