Do elephants intentionally and consciously bury their dead?

Adult elephants and calves

A recent study published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa sheds light on a fascinating behavior observed in Asian elephants. These majestic creatures have been found to mourn and bury their dead calves, a behavior reminiscent of human funeral rites. Here are the key findings from the study: This remarkable discovery highlights the emotional …

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Animal sentience paves the way for dog and cat support payments on divorce

Under Spanish law, dogs and cats are sentient beings and therefore a court can make an order for the caregiving of a dog in divorce proceedings when the animal goes to live with either party

When the animal welfare laws of any country state that companion animals are sentient beings, it is a great leap forward in animal rights which is clearly apparent in a recent divorce case from Spain where the reform of the Animal Welfare Act in 2021 ensured that animals are regarded as sentient beings and …

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‘Dead cat strategy’ needs to be discarded

Dead cat strategy

The unfortunate and unpleasant phrase used in government and business ‘dead cat strategy’ needs to be discarded and never used again. Currently, in the UK, there is an enquiry into how the UK government dealt with the Covid-19 crisis (very badly by all accounts). It will cost a staggering £200m! What a waste of …

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Cat cut in two at Montparnasse station (Paris): railway company SNCF sued

Neko was the victim of the indifference of SNCF agents and died crushed by a train.

This cat news story has two aspects. Firstly, it concerns the violent death of a domestic cat travelling on a train with their owner. The cat escaped from their carrier while the train was at Montparnasse station and went on to the tracks. The railway company, SNCF, is accused of refusing to do what …

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Animals might feel more pain than the human-animal (Dawkins)

Gervais and Dawkins have similar thoughts on animal rights

Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins are very similar in their attitude and thoughts about animal rights. I admire them both. I am sure that their attitude is similar to millions of others. It certainly chimes totally with me. Gervais is a comedian and animal rights advocate and he is so important in the animal …

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Socially intelligent and emotionally sensitive pigs are relentlessly abused at factory farms

Pigs are sophisticated and smart

For me, and for many thousands of others, the relentless and heartless abuse of pigs throughout their lives is baffling and depressing. How can humankind be so heartless and ignorant? Well, we can and often are. Look at the pathetic ignorance and selfish behaviour behind global warming. Humankind in 2022 does not give a …

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