Should I give my cat probiotics?

Probiotic powdered supplement may improve your cat's health by improving their gut bacteria

Although I have never given my cat probiotics, I am considering it quite seriously and I’ll tell you why. There are two good reasons. With skin problems, problems affecting the stomach and intestines are the most common reason why people take their cats to the vet. The second point is that there appears to …

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Domestic cat’s highly-acidic digestive system

Domestic cat's digestive tract

The domestic cat’s digestive organs quite closely resemble those of humans. Working backwards they are the rectum, large intestine (colon), small intestine, duodenum, stomach, oesophagus and the mouth. One difference between humans and cats with respect to their digestive systems is that food stays in the mouth of a cat for a much shorter …

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Why does milk cause diarrhoea in cats?

Painting by Meta Plückebaum

It’s pretty well known across the cat world that cow’s milk causes diarrhoea in cats. Notwithstanding that there are thousands of photographs of domestic cats lapping up milk out of a saucer on the Internet. These are often old photographs from archives dating back many years. Cats do like milk because it contains a …

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