A Definition of “Nuisance Cat”

The Trustees of the town of Carbondale, Colorado, USA have passed an ordinance (a law) which defines “a nuisance cat”. The intention is to reduce the number of outside cats which includes strays becoming ferals. The definition: A nuisance cat is one which causes unprovoked personal injury, that wanders at large and whose owner …

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Selling Healthier Cats. Promoting Cat Welfare.

This is about a way to get people who sell cats to be more responsible and more concerned about cat welfare. People who sell cats are usually hobby breeders (selling purebred, pedigree cats from home) and pet shop owners who sell random bred cats in the high street (shopping malls). On the basis that …

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The Caboodle Ranch Verdict

The Caboodle Ranch verdict has now been made public. Caboodle Ranch received word from their attorneys on Monday, June 25, ruling against Craig Grant and Caboodle Ranch. Florida Judge Gregory Parker has ruled that the cats won’t be returning to the Madison County ranch. This has come as a shock to the more than …

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Laws on domestic cat breeds wild cat species and animal rights law enforcement

Dog studying law

The countries covered by this article are listed below. Please scroll down to read about their laws pertaining to animal welfare: Savannah cat – Motzie – lives in Oklahomaphoto copyright Helmi Flick Intro This lengthy mouthful of a title, Laws on domestic cat breeds wild cat species and animal rights law enforcement, shows that …

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