Cat with Ukrainian refugee banned (after boarding) from flying with Ryanair to UK

Scott Liza and Dobby

NEWS AND COMMENT: Liza Yardley is a Ukrainian woman who is married to Scott Yardley, a Lancashire man, who lives in Wishaw. They married two and a half years ago in Dnipro, Ukraine. They have two daughters. And they also have a family cat, Dobby. Scott was in Lancashire trying to help his wife …

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286 cats and dogs airlifted from Kabul, Afghanistan to Vancouver, Canada on Russian aircraft

286 cats and dogs on the Russian Ilyushin Il-76 about to be flown to Vancouver from Kabul Afghanistan

OPINION ARTICLE-NEWS: This is the story of a wonderfully successful evacuation of 286 cats and dogs on a Russian transport plane from Kabul, Afghanistan to Vancouver, Canada in which the organisers, Kabul Small Animal Rescue and other organisations, surmounted numerous hurdles with great commitment. It is relatively poorly publicised mission compared to the animal …

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‘Passenger in 13A is breastfeeding a cat and will not put cat back in its carrier when flight attendant requested’

Breastfeeding cat in aircraft cabin?

NEWS AND COMMENT: The image below is from a pilot messaging system which tells us that the passenger in seat 13A was breastfeeding a CAT! And they would not put their cat back in the carrier when requested. A lot of US airlines allow pets in the cabin provided they are in carriers and …

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Australians will be able to take their cats on planes out of a carrier

Cat on a plane out of carrier

NEWS AND COMMENT: It seems like the Holy Grail of feline air travel because a change is afoot in Australia. Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority is relaxing the rules governing the transportation of pets on aircraft. It’s reported that pets could soon be allowed to join their owners in the cabins and depending upon …

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Flat-faced Persians banned from flying with Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia bans flat faced Persians

The airline company Virgin Australia has banned flat-faced cats (and dogs) due to a spike in ‘issues across the industry’. Qantas suspended their animal service to flat-faced breeds in December 2019, as I understand it. They cite well known health issues with these cat and dogs breeds: breathing problems due to their distorted anatomy …

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Cats and dogs presumed dead in cargo hold of charter flight that slid off runway

737 Boeing overan runway into water

There’s a recent report online about a Boeing 737 inbound from Cuba landing at Naval Air Station Jacksonville and skidding off the end of the runway into the St. Johns River. This left the bottom quarter to one third of the plane underwater. There were 136 passengers and seven crew on board who all …

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