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Picture of a concave-faced Persian cat

Picture of a concave-faced Persian cat

This is a picture of a concave-faced Persian cat. I have juxtaposed the picture against one of a standard, traditional doll-faced Persian cat to show the difference. The purpose of this short post is...

Foxy and Firey: 5-month-old Persian kittens

Types of Persian Cat

There are five types of Persian cat which I discuss on this illustrated page. Despite congenital health issues the flat-faced Persian was the most popular breed for many years.

Black Persian cat

Are Persian Cats Healthy?

Some Persian cats have eyes that protrude so much that their eyeballs fall out under minor trauma. Others suffer brain damage due to their rounded skulls. Although I have written extensively on this website...

Persian Cat Facts

Persian cat facts, delivered in summary form are on this page. See narrative pages: Persian cats or pictures of Persian cats. Intro: One of the top 5 best known cat breeds due to its...

Persian Cat Health Problems

Persian cat health problems? Ultra Persian cat this cat is here to simply illustrate the page – photo by ~Sage~ Do Persian cats suffer from health problems? Well, yes and no. You can read...

Persian nose problems

by Lottie (GB) I have an Exotic Persian who has really bad problems with her nose and ducts. It is breaking my heart to watch her try and eat! so much so I hand...

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