Sleepypod is the safest pet carrier in a car crash

Sleepypod pet carrier is the best in a cat crash according to the CPS in the USA

The Sleepypod pet (cat or dog) carrier has been described as the Cadillac of cat/dog carriers. In Britain it would be called the Rolls Royce of pet carriers. There are three reasons for this label: Below is a video showing the Handilock accessory referred to above which ensures the Velcro faster can resist the …

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Egyptair disastrously messed up transportation of rescue cats to the USA when they smashed cat carriers

Smashed carrier carrying one of the rescue cats

Egyptair handlers managed to totally mess up the transportation a rescue cats from Egypt to America. They were transporting, in a cargo flight, 12 Egyptian street cats some of which were disabled. That’s not uncommon for Egyptian street cats as you might imagine because life is so hard in a country where there are …

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How to get a cat used to his travel carrier (and more)

Dan Nguyen and his three cats with 2 travel carriers and one on his shoulders

How to get a cat used to his travel carrier? You let him explore the carrier at home. Then you give him a treat inside the carrier. Then you carry him around the house. Then you practice carrying him outside. You then give him a treat with petting when using the carrier outside. That’s …

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All cat carriers should have a large top opening. Here’s why.

Top loading cat carriers are more effective

Getting your cat into the carrier is a major obstacle to taking your cat to the vet. It’s interesting that a survey found that 50% of cat owners struggle to get their cat into a cat carrier when taking them to a veterinarian. That figure unsurprising but what is surprising is that the difficulty …

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