Cat’s meow is a reflection of the kitten-to-surrogate mother relationship we have with them

Cat's meow

There are two very well-known biologists and cat behaviourists who, in my view, agree on this point which is that the domestic cat sees us as surrogate mothers. We don’t quite know how they really process their observations of us but in terms of their behaviour towards us it reflects a kitten-to-mother relationship. These …

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Do cats think of us as surrogate mothers, equals or kittens?

When You Believe Your Cat Has Emotions You Are More Attached to Her

The conclusion from a couple of PhD experts, Dr John Bradshaw (Cat Sense) and Dr Desmond Morris (Cat Watching and many other books on animal and human behavior), is that cats do not think of us as equals. The domestic cat thinks of us as (1) surrogate mothers and/or (2) kittens and/or (3) superior …

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Picture of grandma repairing cat’s favourite toy

Grandma repairs cat's toy

This is a different sort of cat picture. One made for the modern age. An age when the throwaway culture is being questioned and rightly so. These pictures of grandma sewing together the family cat’s favourite is a sort or morality tale in pictures. The moral? Repair and reuse. Try and avoid throwing things …

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We should breed non-hunting domestic cats

Hunting cat

Moggies have no place in the modern world. We should breed non-hunting cats. Dr Bradshaw, the well-known cat behaviour expert and author of Cat Sense has suggested that there is no place in the world for the outside domestic cat because they are too good at hunting. They wish to hunt. They need to …

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Hear two of the world’s best cat experts on cat behavior; Jackson Galaxy and Dr Bradshaw

This is about two interviews of perhaps the two best known cat experts in the world, one in the USA (Galaxy) and the other in the UK (Bradshaw). The presentation is done this way for technical reasons and ignore me as I am incidental to the proceedings (I am an embarrassment – a form …

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